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I'm Igor Galicki a freelance web designer from Dublin, Ireland.

Welcome to Galicki Digital. I am here to help micro-businesses, sole traders, online shops and non-profits improve and expand their online presence and business income. I am strong, focused, confident and creative about what I love to do - learn more about me.

I support all kinds of businesses and industries wherever they are, offering WordPress web design and e-commerce web design. I can take care of your website by offering secure, professional website maintenance. If you need to rank higher in Google, feel free to browse my SEO Dublin.

I provide a free initial 45-minute marketing consultation for any kind of business, so feel free to contact me and say hello!

Best Regards,
Igor Galicki,
Founder of Galicki Digital

My work

I work for many industries, and I am not afraid of new challenges.

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What do I do?

Instead of hiring a team of different people with different thinking, risking delays and expensive costs for the same services, why not hire me? I am a master of complex digital marketing services ranging from web design up malware detection and I do all work myself.


Custom WordPress design for businesses

My custom website design will promote you 24/7/365, including bank holidays, no matter what. Built on WordPress / Woocommerce.

WordPress Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google wants to know about who you are, what you are doing, and what your prospects are. Why not help them?

SEO dublin

Website Maintenance and Website Protection

Focus more on your business management while I defend, update and maintain your website in neat condition.

Website maintenance

There are approximately 2,500 freelance web developers in Ireland. Why should you pick me?

Specialising in freelance web design, I have come up with an individual approach to any business or business idea. My work foundations while building a custom WordPress website lays down with local SEO and unique workflow, promising outstanding, effective results.

Professional digital presence

I provide 100% custom-made webpage design services offering a unique look and highly competitive digital presence among your competitors.

For every business

I have developed a results-driven workflow guaranteeing businesses, ecommerce and charities return on investment and increased growth.

Built with future thinking

I create websites that are built with a local SEO approach. You will not only save your wallet but also get instant organic results in Google or other search engine browsers.

Comprehensive portfolio

I work with the most ambitious businesses in Ireland and the rest of the EU. My website design portfolio shows what I can do and I am always open to new challenges.

Free consultation

Get your free 45-minute consultation. As a Dublin-based web design freelancer, I am here to assist you in this fascinating exploration of digital marketing.

Expert workflow

Over the years, I have developed a complex and reliable workflow that works very well on content management systems such as WordPress / WooCommerce.

Let's work

As an independent freelancer, my duty is to make your business make a profit and be strong among the competition in the market.

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