star kitchen case study

Star Kitchen Case Study

Star Kitchen is a furniture maker company based in Drogheda and Dublin specialising in design and production of kitchen and bedroom furnitures, built-in wardrobes and custom splash-backs.

The Challenge

  • Website Design

  • SEO

Live Website

Star Kitchen had no website, the company had barely any presence – Star Kitchen has been active only on Facebook and little bit on Instagram.

While researching competitors I have noticed that many of them have outdated websites.

Luke’s website had to be a bold, unique, easy to navigate and modern-looking online presence. It had to be simple and yet reachable for the target audience.


I used two similar looking types but with differing font kerning and oblique. For the heading I went with Heebo and for the body I used a classic Montserrat font. The whole colour palette had been taken from the original logo of the company (beautiful, rich red) and I used different hues and shades to create a compelling palette.

Color Palette

star kitchen color palette case study



First, to give maximum flexibility (and improve the logo a bit) I converted the static version of the png format of the logo to vector friendly. Now, the logo is scalable to very small sizes and will fit perfectly on small areas like pencils and mugs without losing quality.

Another reason why I decided to convert from png to SVG was the website complexity – when you scroll down there will be a white header background applying to the navigation which will make the logo barely visible. Now after a scrolling SVG background, the colour can be easily manipulated using fill syntax.

The logo also has hover animation while hovering so has much more personality than a static one.

star kitchen hover statement case study


The hero banner has a nice zooming animation containing three images which are the latest works from Luke.

To maximise user experience, I added a custom floating button in the right bottom area allowing visitors to phone without looking for contact details. The button reveals a sliding animation showing the number after a click/touch and is mobile friendly as well. 

On the homepage and on the rest of the single services page there is a custom filterable gallery which allows users to sort out and filter through categories and see what Luke does. 

The testimonials have a nice drag and slide feature showing the most recent reviews from clients of Star Kitchen.

At the bottom of the homepage and on a few other pages you can find the brochure section – visitors can easily download the catalogue and read further about the custom furniture that Star Kitchen offers.

The footer has basic links including navigation, contact, address and email information and visitors can get a quick quote by filling the email address in the specially designed input.

star kitchen case study home mobile

About Page and Single Service

The about page is a typical left – right mirrored page area where visitors can flow from left to right and learn more about the company.

Single service is almost the same except there is a portfolio filterable gallery as mentioned previously.

Star Kitchen has a rich choice of products starting from handles, single 5-piece doors ending with compulsory bespoke design furniture so I have decided to wrap laminate worktops in a nice gallery Lightbox – mobile friendly so users can browse through the offer.


The contact page is a classic form embed area where users can send an inquiry to Star Kitchen. At the bottom is fully responsive, pinned location where the company is based.

star kitchen case study contact mobile

Mobile Responsiveness

The website is fully mobile friendly. We can see that buttons are accessible by having extra inner padding, plus the overall user experience is improved by reducing website loading speed and it looks just as unique as compared to competition.

The Result

Stay tuned. I will update this info once I will get more accurate data from Google search ranking.


Luke got a solid, unique and SEO optimised website. I was glad to help him and provide free website training of how he can manage website content without issues. Luke wrote:

Now, it’s time for your business!

Enhance your online presence, improve relationship with customers and even triple your business return of investment. No jargon, no contract just beautiful partnership!

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