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Animals Mielec Case Study

The Animals Mielec Foundation (Fundacja Animals Mielec) is a non-profit company established in 2012 to help homeless cats and dogs in Mielec, Poland.

The Idea

My idea was to create a responsive and unique-looking website that is easy to manage and will have an advertisement option for cats and dogs looking for a new home. There is also a cart option with a basket allowing visitors to buy charity items and help the organisation. The website has a mini gallery and one video whose link can be embedded from Facebook to be displayed directly on the website.

The Challenge

  • Website Design / E-Commerce Design

  • Basic SEO

Live Website

The biggest challenges were an outdated, non-functional and unresponsive website with a bad link structure (linking to Amazon servers) and an admin login panel that was extremely easy to hack.


For this project I used two fonts, both Google-hosted. I did not have any colours and the logo was outdated. Chris wanted the website to have blue colours, so I combined the main colour with shadows and hues.

animals mielec charity case study typeface

Color Palette

animals mielec case study color palette


Special Features

  • The top header navigation has the most important links and the support / donate button, which holds a modal with the PayPal gateway.

  • The website has an adopt subpage, containing two groups of animals: cats and dogs. The whole backend is built using an advanced custom field, infinitely repeating itself while creating a new advertisement of a cat or dog seeking a new home.

  • There are two ready-to-embed Google maps, one containing the home address of the organisation and the second containing the animal shelter.

  • Each page has a large hero banner with an isolated high-quality animal picture to build brand awareness.

  • The blog section is displayed in two columns with date and excerpt, without any thumbnails.

  • In the footer, there is a contact form and a photo of the week showing either a cat or a dog.


On the homepage I built a slider with one main image and three others containing featured animals ready to adopt. I created a custom WP_Query loop so that, on the homepage and the blog page, blog posts can be outputted in two columns showing six recent blog posts. I created a favicon, first isolating the outdated logo, then removing dead pixels and trying to match the favicon format. I built an image gallery with a simple-to-browse lightbox.

fundacja animals mielec case study home mobile


In About Us I set up a custom grid layout for images that will be displayed only on laptops in the grid view.

fundacja animals mielec case study about mobile

Adopt page

On the adopt page I implemented a smart and flexible card-collapsing system to save space and mobile data. If a user would like to know more about a cat or dog, they simply click on the plus button panel and the whole biography slides down from the top, giving more details. The hint ‘to see more click here’ is only visible on mobile devices under the main adopt heading, which dramatically helps older or non-tech-savvy people explore the website.

fundacja animals mielec case study adopt mobile

404 Page

The 404 Not Found Page is fully customised, making it better for the user and for Google. It features a chihuahua image and a button taking the user to the homepage.

fundacja animals mielec case study error 404 mobile

Contact & Testimonials

The contact form is built using a Contact Form 7 plugin with a captcha antispam system. There are custom breadcrumbs to maximise user experience and make sure that they are aware of where they are.

The testimonials section is a large, wide custom slider containing reviews about the Animals Mielec Foundation.

fundacja animals mielec case study contact mobile

Donation Feautre

After when you click on the support/donate button you see a popup modal with a PayPal gateway allowing a user to donate any sum of money within seconds.

fundacja animals mielec case study donation mobile

Media Queries

On big devices such as notebooks and large laptops, there is a special icon instructing a user to scroll down because there is more content. In this way we decrease the negative bounce rate, which Google might consider.

about animals mielec case study laptop mockup

The Result

charity web design seo friendly company dublin mielec bezdomne com seo results


The Non-profit organisation Animals Mielec is currently under the analysis of organic ranking position in Google Poland. Due to the recent last updates of Google, we can notice that the position slightly dropped from 3rd place (first page in Google) on 5th position (26/08/21) .

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