agness barber shop case study

Agnes's Barber Shop Case Study

Agnes’s Barber Shop is a professional men’s and kids’ barber salon based in Clane (Co. Kildare). It is a self-employed business located in the centre of the village.

The Challenge

  • Website Design

  • SEO

Live Website

Agnes had no website. The main challenge was to create a professional but very simple website with a booking system available for clients to make appointments.

The idea was to create a very simple website targeted toward a male audience, featuring a one-page template. The booking system was based on a third-party booking plugin.


For the fonts, I went for a masculine feel and look. For headings, I selected Oswald. This is a free Google-hosted font that has a pretty strong “male” style. For body, I chose the classic Montserrat. Agnes told me that she likes red, and her businesses would fit perfectly in bold red colours. I found an interesting red that gives a vibe, has high contrast, and offers a very compelling hue and shades colour palette.

Color Palette

agness barber shop case study color palette


The website was based on my original theme from my WordPress Web Design offer, “Brochure Web Design.” It’s built on Elementor drag ‘n drop builder, which is very user friendly and fits great with small, non-demanding projects.

As always, I offer free, full training for my clients regarding website content management, and I provide dedicated customer support.

Elementor is an awesome website creator (by the way, I wrote some posts about the five best website builders, so feel free to read) allowing clients without coding experience to add, change, delete, and manage content and media on their websites.


Due to Covid-19, I think one of the most important features for very “human first” businesses such as barbers, spa salons, dentists, and so forth should be updated info as to how these businesses are prepared for Covid-19.

Agnes’s website has this. There is a short piece of info that she is following all safety guidelines regarding Covid-19. Next to the info is a telephone number and black button saying “book now” to make sure that impatient clients can find what they are looking for immediately after landing on the website. This will reduce a negative bounce rate which can have an effect on Google’s organic search ranking.


Home is just a classic but very effective hero banner containing young men with nice, modern haircuts. We also have some headings and text; plus, there is a button that will take us immediately to the gallery.

agness barber shop case study home mobile

Gallery B/A

The gallery is a before/after showing Agnes’s latest works. The gallery itself is based on a very simple JavaScript lightbox, allowing users to slide, zoom, and play the next slides.

agness barber shop case study home mobile gallery

About Section

The about section is for those who would like to know a little bit more about Agnes’s Barber Shop. I think that testimonials always look good (especially when they are taken from Google or TrustPilot), so I have included a basic touch-friendly testimonial carousel. 

agness barber shop case study about mobile

Pricing Section

An essential aspect of every barbershop is a pricing table. This is crucial for new visitors because they would like to know what you offer and for how much. Agnes’s Barber Shop has a lightweight pricing table that makes it very easy for her to edit prices and add or delete more services. 

agness barber shop case study pricing mobile

Contact Section

Because Agnes’s Barber Shop has a booking system, I decided to implement a very basic contact form for those who are not familiar with online booking or just in case that booking system does not work or has temporary issues; customers can then use the temporary solution of completing the contact form. 

agness barber shop case study contact mobile


The footer has all the important contact information about Agnes’s Barber Shop: opening hours, address, Google Maps, and social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Booking system

The booking system uses an intuitive, smart-built, third-party plugin that works flawlessly on WordPress. The owner can add new bookings from the admin panel, manage assistants, add or delete new services, and set up special rules regarding at what time and on which weekdays the business is open. 

The booking form is based on Ajax script, and it’s very user friendly. The whole booking takes approximately one minute, and it has automatic reminders, SMS, and email notification—pretty much everything that good, professional barber salons need today.



Mobile responsiveness

The website is 100% mobile responsive and optimised for search results. The buttons are clear, visible, and big, and the whole booking loads asynchronously with the server, making the whole experience extraordinary.

The Result

Since its release, the website has been at the TOP of the first page on Google for the Clane area. It is still high enough for county Kildare (3rd page since official release – 19/09/21), landing on the second page in Google search results. All keywords have approximately 150-300 searches per month.


Agnes is very happy with my work. Her saloon got more bookings and she’s getting new clients from local area (Clane).

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