What Browser Am I Using? Everything About Browsers

What Browser Am I Using Everything About Browsers
8:30 pm, Mon, 11 October 21 in Entrepreneurship

What browser am I using?, how to clean my browsing history? what are the best browser extensions for businesses? Discover the answers.

Browsers matter.

Although you may have been using the same one for years without giving it any thought, the truth is, that with an ever-growing proliferation of competitors in the space, you have some great options that can make a real difference to your overall internet browsing experience, and also pack a punch in terms of privacy concerns, speed, extension functionality, and more.

What is a browser?

First off, let’s define what is a browser.

To access the internet you are going to need software to interface between your computer and the World Wide Web. Your browser is the software that allows you to ‘browse’ web pages on the web. It is the lens through which you see the internet and depending upon which browser you decide to use, you will experience the internet differently.

To clear up any confusion, a browser is not a search engine. You will use a search engine through your browser to search for specific things on the net, but they are not the same thing.

For example, your browser may be Chrome, one of the most popular options. This will come with the Google search bar preset. However, if you like, you can change this to another search engine, such as duckduckgo. Google refers to the name of the company and they make both the Google search engine and the Chrome browser, but they are not the same thing.

You could easily use the Chrome browser with the duckduckgo search engine. You could also use the Firefox browser with the Google search engine. You can mix and match until you find the combination that’s right for you.

How To Find What Browser I Am Using?

If you’ve been assigned a computer at work, in college, at school, or if you’ve been given one as a gift, a browser will likely come preinstalled. Maybe you’ve even been using it for a while, but you aren’t sure exactly which one it is and you’ve found yourself asking, ‘what browser am I using?

The quick and easy way to do this is to head on over to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and it will tell you instantly which browser you are running.

If you want to get a little more up close and personal with your technology then here is how you would do this in the browser settings. The main options today are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Brave.
How To Find What Browser I Am Using
This website will give you all important details regarding your browser type

Let’s look at these one by one.
So, once you know how to find out what browser you are using let’s dig deeper!

chrome browser


Chrome, as mentioned above, is a Google product. To verify that you are using Chrome go to the top right-hand corner on your browser and find the settings option, indicated by three stacked vertical dots. Click on this and in the drop-down menu go to settings. Here and it will tell you if you are using the Chrome browser.


what browser am I using

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is a Microsoft product and comes preinstalled on every Windows computer. Go to the top right-hand corner and look for the settings wheel. Click this and at the bottom, you will see ‘About Internet Explorer’.
Microsoft Edge is the new version of Internet Explorer offered by Microsoft. To verify that you are in the Edge browser, go to the top right corner, click on the three horizontal bar settings button, and at the very bottom of the drop-down menu, you will see ‘Close Microsoft Edge’.


safari browser what am i using


Safari is a browser developed specifically for Apple computers. If you are running a Mac, an iPad, or iPhone, then you are probably using this. If you aren’t sure, just check the top left side of the menu bar. If you see ‘Safari’ listed as a top-level menu option, you know that you are using this browser.


best browser extensions 2021

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a popular platform-independent alternative to Chrome and Internet Explorer. To know if you are using Firefox, go to the top right corner, click on the three horizontal bar settings button. Select the ‘Help’ option near the bottom. Here you will see the ‘About Firefox’ tab.


brave browser


Brave is a privacy browser with ad-blocking and anti-tracking features that also include some interesting cryptocurrency features. To verify that you are using Brave, navigate to the top right-hand corner of your browser and click the three stacked bars to open your settings. At the bottom, you will see ‘About Brave’.

How Do I Clear My Browsing History?

One thing we all should do from time to time as basic housekeeping to keep our browsers running optimally is to clear the browsing history. It’s a little different on each browser, but in essence, the principle is the same.

Regardless of the browser, you will need to navigate to the settings option. For brevity’s sake, we will describe the steps here for Chrome.

After you click on the ‘Settings’ option, choose ‘History’. In the left-hand column, you will see an option to ‘clear browsing data’. Select any or all of the links you wish to clear and everything selected will be cleared from your browser memory cache.

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