Website Care Plans For Small Businesses In Ireland

9:17 pm, Thu, 28 October 21 in Entrepreneurship

Discover safe and solid website care plans, learn how much it costs and why your business website should be in good hands (along yours).
It’s tempting to think that once you have your website up and running that it is ‘done and dusted’ and you can leave it alone to take care of itself. But like anything else that you expect to consistently perform well, whether it’s your car or your computer, it will need ongoing maintenance.

Most of us can figure out how to do an oil change or run a system check and back up on our PC, but let’s be honest, we all have better things to do with our time. It makes perfect sense to hire a professional to take care of these simple, but potentially crucial tasks on our behalf, while we do what we do best as professionals and as people.

Does WordPress Support Plan Applies To This Rule?

The short answers – yes. The long answer – it will depend from the web developer and his website maintenance plans. WordPress, is a great and pretty much user-friendly CMS that contains security plugins. In the video down below, you’ll find the 5 most recommended plugins for WordPress site by myself. Enjoy.

Here are some of the main checkpoints that a good website manager will manage on an ongoing basis:

Website Care Plan Checklist

• Page Load Speed – one of the main factors in keeping visitors on your site versus losing them to your competitors.
• Bounce Rate – how quickly and how often do visitors abandon your site.
• Customer Security Issues – malware, adware, phishing attacks, and a multitude of other issues plague the internet. You and your customers can fall victim to these.
• Online Payments Security – theft at the point of sale on your site
• Broken Links – a huge turn-off to those consuming your content
• GDPR Compliance – a growing issue in many jurisdictions
• Hosting Issues – are you being served well by your provider?
• Backlinks & Brand Awareness – is your site growing on the internet, or sinking below the search engine horizon?
wordpress care against threats
Your website (especially e-commerce – which can store a sensitive data like billings) must be secure to protect your customers and yourself from bad guys

What is a ‘Maintenance Plan’?

While it may be possible to muddle along for quite some time without any of the above affecting your website, the simple truth is that inevitably, if you stay in business, one, many, or even all of the above are going to impact your business at some point. It makes sense to have a pair of trusted eyes keeping watch on your site and that’s where the idea of a care plan can make sense. In fact, a qualified, competent, and trusted third party can be relied upon to pre-empt problems in all of these areas.

Let’s look at these areas one by one:

• Page Load Speed – a competent webmaster will make sure to keep track of these metrics, identify bottlenecks and weak points as they arise, and take care of them on a continuous, scheduled basis to make sure that your site keeps the same lightning fast speed that it had when it was first made live on the internet.
• Bounce Rate – a high bounce rate can be a result of low page speed or other issues. A good maintenance plan will keep track of these and identify the problems.
• Customer Security Issues – as a third party observing your site, a care maintenance webmaster will be able to experience these issues from the standpoint of the customer and make sure that they either don’t arise or are dealt with promptly when they do.
• Online Payments Security – let a webmaster take care of this for you. It is the worst nightmare of any e-commerce business. Like other security issues, maintenance service will make sure you have the best pre-emptive protection while alerting you to issues as they arise and are solved.
• Broken Links – they crop up from time to time and present a very bad image to your customers. An extra set of eyes on your site can alert you to these when they happen.
• GDPR Compliance – this issue is increasingly important to businesses with an online presence, particularly for those based in the EU. A webmaster will keep you posted on any new developments and make sure you understand what steps need to be taken.
• Hosting Issues – you may be happy with your provider now, but even over time this may not remain true. Moving from one to another can seem more trouble than it’s worth, but a good webmaster will know when moving presents an opportunity and oversee the entire process to make it as seamless as possible.
• Backlinks & Brand Awareness – the best website care plans will not only maintain your site but actively promote it. For this, you need a manager who will make sure that your site continues to grow in an SEO friendly, organic way by cultivating backlinks to blogs, discussion boards, and social media-based groups that are relevant to your business
wordpress care plan pricing

What Kind of Business Needs a Website Care Plan?

The short answer is that every business that intends to make a profit and continue to grow needs a website care plans.

More specifically, however, if you have been successfully running a ‘do-it-yourself’ operation until now, but are finding that you don’t have the time for this anymore but don’t yet have the revenue to hire IT staff, then this is the perfect time to outsource this vital role to a professional.

Likewise, if your business has grown and already has IT staff in place but you are finding that other projects are taking up their time, be it fire-fighting day to day end-user or network issues, then it can definitely make sense to have this function outsourced to a professional who can give it their full attention.

If you are in any doubt as to whether a care plan is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we can serve your needs, alternatively dig even deeper! – 6 best website maintenance tips to improve your website.

WordPress Care Plan Pricing

Of course, the question on any business owner’s mind is, ‘how much is this going to cost me?’

For example, as a Dublin-based freelance web developer I have three options – specially designed for Irish startups and small businesses / e-commerce and corporations.

  • Plan Mini which cost you only €49.99 per month – 7 hours of my WordPress care – this includes updating your website, keep it in nice health, keep it free from spammers and other internet threats.
  • Plan Pay As You Go – €45 per hour which means that if your website suddenly stopped working then I can fix it. This is suitable for those who don’t need website care 24/7 but rather in emergency situations.
  • Plan Max which cost you €199.99 per month – 25 hours of my expertise, everything from the plan mini, plus 10% discount for WordPress web design and premium CDN (content delivery network – fast and secure proxy data server) linked to your website.

Luckily, not every world-class service costs the earth. You can find a full breakdown of our competitive and affordable range of service levels right here:

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, I am always happy to help.

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