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By using our responsive web design services, businesses can create a better user experience that leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

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What does responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a development and design strategy employed while creating a website, making sure that the website layout automatically adjusts to the current viewing screen size (mobile, tablet, or laptop) of the user.

The benefits of responsive web design

A properly mobile website delivers the best user experience across all devices, along with many other advantages. Here we present the top 5 advantages of responsive web design:

  • A smart website can attract and convert your audience into customers by being responsive and open to browsing on all devices.

  • Google respects and prefers adaptive websites due to the user experience.

  • The majority of your customers use mobile devices (probably you as well while browsing this website).

  • There is a decreased bounce rate in Google, which has a significant impact on organic search ranking.

  • Users experience an increased website loading speed (recommended by Google itself) due to loading only essential media on mobiles.

How much do responsive web design services cost at Galicki Digital?

Our offer, which you’ll find below, covers not only an aesthetic look but also effective functionality with a responsive e-commerce design (cart, checkout system), a booking/contact form, and/or a sign-up lead landing page.

We design and develop websites for small businesses based in Ireland keeping a correlative relationship in user-experience, Google – SEO friendliness and easy to navigate admin dashboard.


Portfolio website

A single-page responsive layout suitable for brochures and self-employed professionals


Business website

A multi-page responsive layout suitable for corporate and small local businesses


eCommerce website

A secure, and effective online shop with a payments, checkout, and cart system

If you are still unsure which pricing plan fits your wallet, don’t hesitate to contact me or fill out a custom quote form now—we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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    Why is responsive web design important?

    A smart, self-adapting mobile website can help you solve multiple digital problems for your website. Responsive web design development can dramatically increase the amount of time that your visitors—future customers—spend on your website. A self-adaptive website is also a recommended way of modern marketing (pointed by Google itself here).

    One of the most important functions of responsive design is that it will convert your guests into buyers. If your website is clunky or has some elements that stick out from a device viewport making it difficult to browse, the chances of anyone staying on this kind of website dramatically drop.

    How does responsive website design work?

    A properly implemented, responsive web design layout detects the device and adapts to the required size within milliseconds. Cascading style sheets (known as CSS) built into your website use premade settings to serve different styles regarding the screen size, orientation, device model.

    Based on those informations, it outputs the desired viewport of your page, making sure it fits correctly to the device screen.

    Fig 1. A website without RWD viewed on smartphone.
    Fig 2. Same website with RWD layout included.

    5 responsive web design tips & tricks for WordPress CMS

    According to this source, 40% of websites worldwide (approx. 46 million) operate on WordPress CMS. The probability that your website will use WordPress (and why you can read about WordPress here) is quite strong, so let me give you 5 responsive web design tips and tricks for WordPress in 2022:

    • You can optimise and increase your website speed by using the plug-ins Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache.

    • Bootstrap is a fully responsive mobile CSS framework allowing web developers to build a mobile-friendly layout.

    • If you can’t hire a web designer, use Elementor or Oxygen website builders—both come with a mobile environment.

    • Make sure that your WordPress website has a NEXTGEN Gallery to your portfolio.

    • Have an optimised image slider providing the best first impression on mobile.

    Feel free to browse our web design tips inside our knowledge base.
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    Interesting statistics about responsive web design usage in Ireland

    As a Dublin-based freelancer, delivering responsive web designs for WordPress is exciting work, and from my past years of experience, I can provide you with some statistics about this amazing, smart feature. Ready?

    More decided audience

    Over 50% of smartphone users are more likely to buy a product or use a service from a mobile site.

    Mobiles everywhere

    At least 85% of organic traffic comes directly from mobile devices rather than desktops.

    Mobile user experience

    65% of people will leave a website immediately due to poor functionality and slow loading times.

    Everyone uses it

    According to this article, there are 4 million people browsing the internet on a mobile device in Ireland.

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    3 months of website care

    After website creation, you’ll get a free 3 months of website management, including content updating and SEO analysis.


    SEO web design

    Our websites are always built with a local search engine optimisation feature, allowing you to rank at the top of the search results in Google.

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