Optimized Irish WordPress Hosting

Optimized Irish WordPress Hosting
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Which of the optimized Irish WordPress hosting is best for Irish businesses – the best comparison between international and national ones.According to a Content Management survey conducted by w3Techs Web Technology Surveys, WordPress in 2021 is used by 64.8% of all websites worldwide, whose content management systems could be determined, including 41.4% of the leading 10 million websites in the world.

So there’s a very good chance that if you are reading this and you have a website, that WordPress is currently your Content Management system. Likewise, if you are trying to decide which platform to use, you will probably choose WordPress.

Now taking as given that WordPress is an excellent and highly versatile platform, how important is the WordPress optimization offered by your hosting supplier?

Irish WordPress Hosting Vs International

While most will favour working with local solutions in terms of supporting the local economy, the truth is that as a business owner, particularly as a start-up or sole-trader, you may not have that luxury, particularly if the local hosting solutions don’t offer the same quality and value for money.

If you choose to host your WordPress website in, for example, the USA or Canada, or even in the UK, the information requested by your audience or customers here in Ireland, will have to travel the distance from the remote location to Ireland, and as you know, page load times are a deal-breaker when it comes to making a purchase or retaining audience interest. If your website is slow, you risk losing your prospect to a larger, faster competitor in the online space. The greater the distance, the greater the chance of signal interruption between the hosting provider and your client.

If there is a widespread system outage in the hosting country, your local customers will feel the brunt. However, if there is a widespread outage here at home, hosting abroad will offer no advantage to your Irish customers. However, although you may be based here and your website may be based in Ireland, perhaps your customers aren’t. In this case, hosting in Ireland will offer no advantage. If your clients are mainly US-based, then it makes sense to have your hosting there, even if you are providing your services from Ireland.

Likewise, if there is a widespread outage here in Ireland, your website will still be up and running in the US. If the outage is in the US, having a website up and running on Irish servers, offers no advantage to your international customer base if their connectivity is down and preventing them from accessing the internet at all.

Another factor is the underlying technology used. SSD storage is a better guarantee of fast delivery times than HDD, for example. While your hosting service may be closer to you geographically, if their storage solutions are based on slower technology, this will negate any benefit you get from being closer to their servers.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available, both domestic and international. Please bear in mind that any costs quoted are valid at the time of writing and are of course subject to change.

International WordPress Hosting Options

Although Ireland is no slouch when it comes to WordPress hosting options, with some truly world-class options, if your client base is international, then it may make sense to host your service where most of your clients reside.

Here are some of the most trusted international hosting options available today.

Optimized Irish WordPress Hosting FastComet Choice

FastComet.com – My Recommendation

This California-based company has been providing robust hosting services to an international customer base since 2013. With nearly a decade of experience, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 live, human customer support, and SSD-only storage, FastComet is certainly one to consider when choosing optimized hosting, regardless of whether your customer base is predominantly here in Ireland, or abroad.

Their dedicated WordPress hosting option for Irish businesses comes in at the same price as their regular hosting, unlike many of their competitors who charge more for WordPress specific hosting.

They currently have servers in 11 countries including 4 in North America and 3 in Europe, with one of these located very close to home in London. If you combine this geographical proximity together with their exclusive use of SSD storage, FastComet promises some of the fastest, most reliable hosting services available to Irish businesses anywhere in the world.

Their hosting options start from $2.95 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee, making them very competitive on price as well as on performance.

International WordPress Hosting Options BlueHost


Over the last 10 years, Bluehost has positioned itself as a world leader for hosting services. They remain, at time of writing, one of the largest global players and are officially recommended by the WordPress team. Any hosting package you purchase via Bluehost will come with WordPress pre-installed.

Their servers are US-based and perform exceptionally well locally to the US with impressive response times globally. If your main target is US buyers with Europe and Ireland as secondary markets, then Bluehost may be the best choice for your WordPress-optimized hosting solution.

You can get started with hosting for as little as $2.75 per month, paid annually with your domain hosting free for the first year.

International Hosting Best HostGator


Another major player in the US market is HostGator. Not quite as big as Bluehost, they still host over 10 million domains and provide 1-click WordPress installation with 27/7 support and a 99% uptime guarantee.

You can start your hosting for as little as $2.65 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Irish WordPress Hosting Options

OVH Cloud Hosting Best For Me WordPress


OVH is a very large hosting, cloud services, and data centre provider based in Ireland. With over 300,000 servers and 27 data centres and over 18 million websites hosted, they are not a small-scale enterprise. You can be sure of local support, world-class reliability, and speed. However, this support will not be 24/7 and while offering a highly stable option, there is no guarantee of SSD storage for the lower end of their tiered pricing range. This is not a bad choice for a sole trader looking for an optimized irish wordpress hosting.

With hosting options from as little as €1.49 per month, they are extremely competitive on price and offer robust, Ireland-based solutions for all sizes of business. It should be noted, however, that this low monthly payment option is geared towards personal websites with very limited options for a business user.

Hosting Ireland For WordPress Website Comparison


If you’ve been running any kind of website in Ireland over the last 10 years you will certainly have heard of this company – HostingIreland. 100% Irish-owned, they have been providing services to Irish business owners for over 15 years. They are ICANN accredited for the .ie and .eu domain names and are a channel partner for the .co.uk domain name.

They currently offer hosting plans from €5.95 per month and have dedicated plans for WordPress optimized hosting for Irish businesses in Ireland starting from €8.95 per month. Although this may seem expensive, it includes hosting for 10 websites with full tech support and a long list of other features. If you are serious about scaling and are looking for locally hosted servers with robust support for WordPress-based websites, this may be a great option.

What Irish Hosting Is Best For WordPress Site Host


Another very familiar and long-time player in the Irish market is Host.ie. Not to be confused with HostingIreland.ie, they are also a locally based company and have been reliably providing hosting services to the Irish market for more than a decade. They offer 24/7 technical support, Ireland-based servers, and built-in WordPress installation.

They currently offer hosting plans beginning from €2.99 per month with one year of free domain name hosting.

The Optimized Irish WordPress Hosting: Our Conclusion

From the table collated below, you can see that the best value for money, combined with stability, speed, and support is FastComet Inc. If you are looking to save costs with a reliable company and internationally-based servers, they might be the perfect fit for your WordPress website.

With servers in both North America and Europe, your customer base will be covered wherever they are located, giving you room to expand if your focus today is mostly on the Irish domestic market.

Where some Irish providers fall down is in customer support, which may not be guaranteed without subscribing to a more expensive service level. US-based companies tend to perform better in this regard and FastComet is no exception.

Hosting* Monthly Cost From 24/7 Human Support SSL Cost p.a. Click WordPress Install WP Specific Option SSD-only Storage Space
FastComet Inc $2.95 Yes Free Yes $2.95/mo Yes
BlueHost $2.75 Yes Free Yes $8.59/mo Yes
HostGator $2.65 Yes Free Yes $7.95/mo No
OVH €1.49 No Free Yes No No
Hosting Ireland €5.95 No €9.95 Yes €8.95/mo Yes
Host.ie €2.99 Yes €39.99 Yes No Yes

*Please note that all prices quoted are accurate at time of writing but are subject to change

Hopefully, we have helped you make the best decision for your WordPress-based Irish business.

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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