How To Outsmart The Instagram Algorithm & Get Real Followers (2019)

Have you ever wondering how to beat the Instagram algorithm and get real followers and likes? This trick is so obvious, but few talks about it. Updated 2019.

Ready to get more true followers?

How does the Instagram algorithm work anyway?

The new Instagram algorithm in 2019 works by managing the order of user feeds.

It prioritizes most relevant posts on the top of your Instagram feed, while the less interesting content is pushed on the bottom.

Recently rumours were floating around that only a tiny percentage of your audience is seeing your post on their Instagram feed. — that isn’t good, isn’t?

What do we know so far about the 2019 Instagram algorithm?

Beating the Instagram algorithm is a must procedure for those who want to grow their followers organically and get real likes.

The whole reason why Instagram changed their algorithm is because of spamming bots and fake accounts.This simple guide will help you to outsmart the Instagram algorithm, but first, we need to know how does it work.

What we know so far is by how:

  • The algorithm works through keeping tabs on what you care about
  • The algorithm works through watching how you engage with your customers/followers on Instagram
  • The algorithm works through recording what content you post and how often you post

This is the reason why so many digital marketing agencies start focusing on brand identity rather than…using bots (which are illegal).

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So, how we can optimize our Instagram account to get real likes and real followers?

The crucial method to outsmart the Instagram algorithm in 2019 is to increase your activity

This means that you need to spend more real-time on your Instagram feed because the Instagram company wants you to view the paid advertisements that display while browsing your feed news.

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That’s why they’ve put the “Your Activity” as the second on your Instagram menu.

The more time you spend on Instagram — the more chances to get through interested audiences. It doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to sit 24/7 on Instagram — but your activity must be noticeable.

You can boost your activity by engaging with prospective followers — write a few comments under the photo you’ve liked, send some love (like their photos), ask about services/work they do through direct messaging. To maximize your activity spend at least 15 – 25 minutes daily on Instagram. Important – like the ad’s on Instagram feed. Turn on your notification, so when you’ll get a message from someone on Instagram — reply ASAP.

After a week start posting your photos on Instagram as you would normally do and I guarantee that you will see a difference — more engagement from your audience, more likes, and more followers.

That’s it. Have you’ve tested it? Let me know!

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