How To Get Live on TikTok + Bonus/Smartphones & PC

How To Get Live on TikTok Bonus Smartphones and PC-min
7:18 pm, Thu, 22 July 21 in TikTok

Within 5 minutes you will get live on TikTok (PC & Smartphones). Really! This is a pure gold knowledge for TikTokers and business owners!

Live streaming on social media is all around us, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Today, to keep in touch with your fans or audience, live video streaming is not only mandatory but it is an essential good feature of every business because you can influence and deliver your brand personally to your customers.

In the last few months, big businesses have transferred from Instagram to the TikTok app due to growing popularity and their interesting tools which allow users to post their TikTok video short clips in many creative ways


How to Start Streaming Live on TikTok (Android & iPhone)

Before you start streaming video live on TikTok, there are two main prerequisites:

  • You have to be at least 16 years old
  • You need to have at least 1,000 followers on your TikTok account.

If you meet these requirements, then just follow our step-by-step guide so you can go live on TikTok using iPhone and Android smartphones.


Step 1 – Install the TikTok application

Visit your Apple Pay (iPhone) or Google Store (Android phone) and download the TikTok application.

install the tiktok application

Step 2 – Launch the application

Open your TikTok app on your mobile device. Important – double check if you are logged in on the account that you want to go live. Find and tap/swipe the plus (+) button at the bottom center of the app – you should be inside of the recording section but keep swiping between clip length (60s, 15, Templates, LIVE) until you find the Live option.

tikt tok live how to get step 2 launch application

Step 3 – Live on TikTok!

Select the image that you wish to be used as a thumbnail of your Live streaming, add some interesting, catchy title, customize your look and environment using built-in filters and just press the big red button saying “Go Live”.

tiktok live streaming phone step 3

That’s it!

If you want to adjust any past settings, simply tap on the three dots icon.

How to Get Live on TikTok Using MacOSX or Windows

From the 6th of May 2021, you can live stream on TikTok using the professional and free Streamlabs software. It doesn’t matter if you are using a phone or pc, but you need a minimum of 1000 followers assigned to your account to be able to use the Live feature.

Step 1 – Install the Streamlabs software (Windows/MacOS)

Visit the Streamlabs website and download the installer.

Install the Streamlabs software how to start streaming live tiktok windows

Step 2 – Connect yourself

Open the downloaded Streamlabs application and connect your TikTok account (it’s in the “select the platform” dropdown menu).

step 2 connect yourself streamlabs tiktok live video stream pc tutorial

Step 3 – Locate the stream key and URL

Once you log in on Streamlabs, find the “Go Live” button and click on it. Inside the popup, click on “Locate my Stream Key”. If there’s an empty box saying “Use optimized encoder settings” tick it to get rid of any input lags and increase the fps.

tiktok tutorial live video stream step 3 streamlabs obs

Step 4 – Go

You should get your unique TikTok URL and unique TikTok stream key, so paste them into the Streamlabs fields. Another window should pop up allowing you to customize the stream: e.g., add a cover image, change the title. Once you are happy, click on “Save” and then click on “Confirm & Go Live”. That’s it!

5 Tips Before Going Live on TikTok Artem Pexels

BONUS – 5 Tips Before Going Live on TikTok!

Know When to Post Live Yourself.

You should know when your customers are most active to market your business or keep in touch with them. In Ireland, for a typical e-commerce business, the recommended posting times are:

Monday – 10AM / 10PM

Tuesday – 7AM / 6PM

Wednesday: 7AM / 11PM

Thursday: 9AM / 6 – 7PM

Friday: 5AM / 1PM / 3PM

Saturday: 11AM / 8PM

Sunday: 6AM / 6PM

Push Maximum Engagement While Video Streaming

If you intend to sell your products while streaming, then do some research and prepare unique selling points of these products and try to stick with them. If you want to talk to and familiarize with your customers, then think about the initial topic/idea of your live stream – it can be the last book you read or the most frequently asked questions. Then, just keep the engagement and your relationship with your customers on a productive level.

Keep Your Appearance on a Professional Level

Before launching a Live stream on TikTok, make sure that your background environment is nice, clean and that there is a sufficient source of light. Never record yourself in sunlight because there will be a lot of shadows and the whole scenery might get boring. Try to record yourself in a quiet place where there are no distractions. And have fun!

Optimize the Titles & Hashtags

If you want extra traffic, then you should optimize your title and add unique and non-competitive hashtags related to your business model. Pick one keyword that your business fits most and include it somewhere in the title. Use hashtags to maximize the reach of your live stream. This will help you to be much more discoverable on TikTok.

Do not Forget about the Call to Action!

“Call to action” is a marketing term used almost everywhere to grab a customer’s attention and make an immediate sale. You can use calls to action in multiple ways. While streaming on TikTok, you can tell your customers to visit your website or a special link where there is a limited offer, or you can just write a message on your TikTok account offering further information regarding the topic being streamed.

Remember, use at least three calls to action if your live stream is longer than two hours. The perfect placing would be at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the live stream (the last one being the most important).

I hope this guideline helps you to gather more followers and effectively enhance your brand. Happy TikTocking!

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