How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Website

How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Website
5:15 pm, Wed, 29 September 21 in Marketing Tips

Broken, outdated, or non-existing links can confuse your visitors, affect organic search ranking, and decrease a website’s domain authority. In this article, you will learn how to find and fix broken links on your website—no coding or webmaster magic is required.

Grab some coffee or tea and be prepared to start cleaning your digital presence because this might pay you back very nicely in the future.

How to find broken links

Now that you understand how broken links on your website can be potentially dangerous, it’s time to find them. How? We will use the free website called Dead Link Checker.

how to find broken links dead link checker
Just go and type your website address and hit “check.” Give it some minutes for AI to harvest, fetch, and check your dead links.

After a while, you should get a result showing you all the broken links. Copy each of them and paste them somewhere.

fix broken links free

How to fix broken links: Google Search Console method

You need to have access to Google Search Console. If you haven’t signed up for this yet, do it as soon as possible. Google Search Console (GSC) will give you all the essential information about your website performance, broken sitemaps, and other crucial data. GSC also has the ability to remove broken links. Yes, you can remove broken links directly from Google. I also did a TikTok video so feel free to watch it (and follow my account for more tips!).

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Once you log in, look on the left side for the “Removals” tab.

google search console remove dead links

Click on it and click on “New Request.”

Copy a single dead link (make sure to select the whole address) previously copied from the tool and paste it inside the input. Hit the “Next” button.

how to find and fix old broken links

Hit “Submit Request.”

gsc removal links

Repeat the whole process for all of your dead links.

Done. Give some time for Google to investigate all of the changes. Once it done you should see something like this:

submitted request to remove google old links-min

That’s it. Congratulations—you just accomplished one of the boring, yet critical, tasks that many webmasters or SEO specialists do. Fixing broken links can be time consuming, but you should consider this as cleaning your house—sometimes it needs to be done.

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