How to Backup Your WordPress Website Within 1 Minute?

How to Backup Your WordPress Website Within 1 Minute?
5:08 pm, Mon, 6 September 21 in Sole Trader, WordPress For Dummies

How can I backup my WordPress website fast and easy? – In this article you will learn 5 quick and simple steps to protect your site even more.

WordPress is among the best known and most used content management systems in the world. It is used the world over by individuals using it for a personal website or blog and by business people who wish to maintain a business presence online.

No matter the reason for using WordPress for your website, the reality is that backing up your WordPress files and database needs to be done regularly for the safekeeping of essential data for your website and business. Some data and documents will be so crucial to your website that you need to remember to have a backup if anything happens; after all, it is better to be prepared for any eventuality. Backups are essential in the case of an update affecting the functionality of your site, if you happen to run into an error that breaks your website, or if you have been hacked and crucial information is deleted from your account – having a couple of backups to your WordPress site will help to offset most of these issues before they even become an issue.

There are a myriad number of ways to back up your website on WordPress, and many of the other methods are excellent for keeping your website safe from many of the issues discussed above. However, many of these ways are complicated, so for those who are technological novices and are looking for a cost-effective way of backing up your data, there are plugins offered by WordPress that can quickly help to manage your website backups.

One of the most popular plugins for WordPress websites is UpdraftPlus. Users recommend UpdraftPlus as it is easy to use and backs up your data at regular intervals, so you don’t lose any of your most essential data as long as you choose the right times to backup your website.

How to backup your entire WordPress website (free method)?

Here I will outline five simple steps of how to backup your WordPress website within 1 minute using an UpdraftPlus plugin:

• Download UpdraftPlus Plugin.

download updraftplus plugin

• Go To Plugins and Activate UpdraftPlus Plugin.

updraft plus plugin activation

• Go to Settings, then UpdraftPlus Backups.

updraftplus backups

• Set a backup schedule for your files (in the Settings or click on blue area saying “Backup Now”).

set up a backup schedule to backup your wordpress website

• Select another backup schedule for your WordPress database.

• Choose where to store your backup and at the bottom click on the “Save Changes”. (Here, it is recommended that you choose a remote cloud storage system. It is a bad idea to keep your backup in the same place you store your website. Google Drive, OneNote, and Dropbox are all supported on Updraft Plus).

choose where to store your backup wordpress website

how to backup entire wp website free method save changes

It is highly recommended that you choose a schedule no further than every two weeks to backup your files, including your WordPress theme, your plugins, images, and any other applications you may have uploaded to your website. The same goes with your WordPress database, which handles your posts and pages, website settings and comments. It may be necessary to backup your website more regularly than every two weeks if you have had a big post or update in the past few days. Keeping your important data safe is the key.

The UpdraftPlus plugin also comes with a Premium feature; however, the cost-effective regular version will do fine for most people looking to back up their website data.

As stated previously, there are many ways to backup your WordPress website, and some of these are more technologically advanced and less user friendly for the everyday website owner. Additionally, some have a cost attached, and sometimes you just need to back up your files in a cost-effective way – such as the UpdraftPlus plugin.

WordPress itself offers many different ways to back up your website, and these options are worth exploring if you are technologically advanced enough to seek out these ways to keep your content safe and secure. It is of the utmost importance to those who have built a website or business and has invested a lot of time into putting it together to keep what is yours safe and secure in case of emergency. UpdraftPlus plugin seems to be an excellent way of doing this. You can set it to automatically backup your website periodically. It also allows you to backup your data manually after a significant update to your website or blog.

Having your WordPress backups somewhere like a cloud storage system like Dropbox or Google Drive allows you to easily and accessibly access your backups and restore your website to its original state if your website has been compromised due to server error, hacking or updates that cause functionality errors on your website. In addition, having these in a readily available storage system makes your job more manageable if you are ever forced to restart your site from scratch or restore an old website that has been affected.

You can always hire a web specialist who will be able to do it for you – feel free to browse my website maintenance services.


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