How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021?

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021
4:16 pm, Tue, 27 July 21 in Marketing Tips

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2021? Discover key factors that will outsmart the algorithm to make your brand visible on Instagram.

instagram algorithm 2021 best practices

Instagram, is one of the most trending platforms which are widely used for marketing by business owners these days. Instagram, is an application which has a classified algorithm that adjusts itself for the user to offer a better experience while browsing new feeds, posts etc. But it becomes a problem for digital marketers or business owners as they need to change their marketing strategies from sometimes to outrank their competitors.

Being a digital marketer or a business owner, you must know how the Instagram algorithm works in 2021. In this post, we will share what you need to know.

Factors on which the Instagram algorithm work

There are many key factors on which the Instagram algorithm in 2021 works:

•Usage of an app


•Relationship between you and customer

•Frequency of posting

•Followers and following schedule


Let’s dive into how these factors might work to make the business work much more effective over Instagram.

Factor 1 – Usage of an Instagram

If you spend more time checking your posts, likes, responding to comments and browsing other’s feeds and posts then you can get better performance for your Instagram account. The Instagram algorithm will notice this immediately and it will start looking over your usage. The general rule is to be active and try to respond as fast as possible to any comments, messages or likes. Sometimes (and this is my personal example) if you don’t post frequently and you are not checking the Instagram app daily but even weekly, then the algorithm might spot your account and start working for your to get more followers. That is weird, but I have noticed a huge boost while I haven’t been using Instagram account at all for weeks. From 900 followers I got to almost 1,700 within 2 months.

Factor 2 – Interest

The performance of the Instagram account also depends upon which type of post you like or what the different accounts that you have followed are. If you will like or share more posts, you will receive more chances of getting views. In other words, your Instagram account is the image of what you like, share, or follow. So, next time if you follow or like anything, then you should make sure that it is according to your niche.

Factor 3 – Relationship between you and customer

The performance of your Instagram account does not depend upon your posts, but rather on how you are building the relationship between you and the fan or customer. Are you giving gifts to loyal customers? Are you interacting with them via message? Are you posting recent testimonials from your customers? Using these strategies can improve your brand trust which will be important for the algorithm.

Other things that are included in the relationship, for example;

  • How do you follow people in real life?
  • What type of people are you searching for?
  • How do you interact with the people who follow or text you?
  • What are the different stories you like?

Factor 4 – Frequency of Posting

The other thing, which is very important about the Instagram algorithm in 2021 is the frequency of posting. This means how frequently and at what time you open your Instagram account and send your stories and posts. If you don’t know at what time you should post on Instagram then use your Google Analytics that is linked to your website (if you don’t have a website then you should hire a web design freelancer to create it for you).

Factor 5 – Followers and following schedule

The biggest mistake that you can make when improving your business Instagram account page is followers and following. Generally speaking you should never follow more accounts than you can “eat” however this is hard to stick to because we all want to have loads of likes and views right? Your ratio between following and followers should be equal but it also depends on what business niche you are in.

Factor 6 – Timelines

Instagram does not only check the media that you have posted, but it also how long you have posted particular media. Instagram checks when you have posted and what the interaction of the viewers was with that specific post. You must check when your followers are most active and post something exciting during that period.

How does the Instagram algorithm work on stories?

Stories are one of the most important parts of Instagram, they are the thing that business owners can use to generate more awareness about their business. They can also check for likes, reactions, and even how many customers have sent you direct messages. The stories can help you bring more visits to your Instagram account.

If you post more frequently, your audience will always get your post in their first feed. This makes the 2021 Insta algorithm be the best for business owners.

You can also schedule stories for future posts to gain more awareness from customers.

How does the Instagram algorithm work on the explore page?

The feed and the stories work the same. The feed is the content from accounts that a user has followed. To get better results from the explore post, you must use the right hashtag, so that you can get more searches or interactions from viewers. Using more hashtags, you can easily categorize your posts.

How does the Instagram algorithm work on IGTV and Reels?

IGTV and reels are all based on the machine learning model. While you are posting IGTV and reels, then you will get more interactions on your Instagram account.


Lastly, we hope that you have got the hang of all those factors on which the Instagram algorithm is based. Apply these tips to your Instagram to boost brand awareness from viewers.


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