How Do I Rank Higher in Google 2021? – 5 Essential Tips Created For You

5 Ways To Rank Higher in Google 2021
12:26 am, Mon, 6 September 21 in Marketing Tips, SEO

5 Ways To Rank Higher in Google 2021

How do I rank higher in Google 2021? – this is a common question asked by many business owners. In this article you will learn how.

When you rank higher on Google, your business’ website will help you move more prospective customers down your sales funnel. Even if the individual search terms and traffic don’t directly translate into sales, increased traffic allows more people to get to know your business.

Below are my top five tips to help your website rank higher in Google. Although these tips are things you can do yourself, you can further optimize your web traffic by hiring me as a consultant. If you’re looking for an SEO consultant in Dublin, I’d be happy to help.

1. Use an online tool to help you focus on the right keywords.

Use a website like Ahrefs Site Explorer or Ubersuggest to help you find out what keywords are already ranking well in Google. The information on these sites can help you improve your SEO rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Research shows that the click-through rate for Google results is higher for the top few results. While many people focus on moving their page two results to page one, investing energy in moving up your page one results may bear more fruit.

The goal is to invest in changes that will bring the best results for the smallest investment of your business’ time and resources. While it’s good to try to move your page-two results to the front page, you’ll yield greater results if you focus on improving your existing page-one results.

Moving your rank from #6 to #5 will bring you a greater increase in traffic than moving your site rank from #20 to #10.

2. Keep up-to-date on algorithm changes.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm. Their executives confirmed via social media that small changes are made to their algorithm almost every single day. It’s important to find a reliable source to help you navigate these changes.

On occasion, Google provides more detailed information about major changes to their algorithm. Most recently (in June 2021), they shared their Page Experience Update. This update includes information about updates to organic traffic and news results.

Because the algorithm is constantly changing, it may be helpful to hire a specialist to help you navigate these changes.

3. Check your site speed.

Site speed is one of the most significant factors in your Google ranking. A slow site is unlikely to rank well in Google. Even if you have great content, a slow site will negatively impact readers and put you lower on Google.

Even retail giants like Walmart face penalties on Google when their website speed is low. They experienced a major drop in their rankings when their website load times went from 1 second to 4 seconds.

Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, and Pingdom Website Speed Test to find out your site’s speed. Tackle issues contributing to slow load times to improve your Google SEO. Whether your site has a slow server load time, large images, or too many redirects, it’s important to make adjustments to improve your site’s speed.

4. Prioritize a mobile-friendly site to rank higher in Google 2021.

Did you know that more than 80% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices? With this information in mind, it’s absolutely essential to have a mobile-friendly site. Mobile users are less likely to spend time on a site that isn’t optimized for mobile traffic.

Google also penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly. There is also some indication that they are moving toward a mobile-first algorithm. You must consider how your site looks on mobile. It’s important to make sure mobile load times are short and the site’s layout is user-friendly.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is an online tool to help you find out if your site is mobile-friendly. This can give you a good starting place for prioritizing updates to your mobile site.

5. Use keyword research to improve your ranking.

Sites like Ubersuggest or even Google Trends (learn 7 effective ways to use Google Trends For SEO – recommended reading) can help you find out what keywords are driving traffic to your site (like I mentioned in tip #1 above). These tools can help you choose related keywords to use in content, which will help you rank well for more terms. You may find that there are keywords that you’re not targeting that can help you capture a larger audience. Not only do these tools share keyword suggestions, but they can provide insight into what your existing readers are searching for when they click through onto your site.

These tools can suggest a variety of keywords to use on your site. You should consider using long-tail keywords and questions to drive more traffic, especially if these terms are ones online readers are actively using.

Keywords are sometimes sorted into two types: informational and commercial. An informational keyword is one that will drive traffic to your site from users looking for free information. For example, these search terms would include things like “how to improve your SEO” or “how to rank higher in Google 2021 (or any year).” Commercial keywords are often used by users looking to make a purchase.

These people may use terms like “hire SEO consultant” or “where to buy SEO optimization services.” Your business’ website needs to target both informational and commercial keywords. Although most users using informational keywords aren’t looking to purchase anything, targeting those relevant terms can also help familiarize users with your business.


Google SEO is an important investment in your business’ online presence. Even if your business focuses on brick-and-mortar sales, online traffic can help people learn information about your business. In our increasingly internet-driven world, people have become more reliant on easy-to-access online information.

If you’re struggling with your Google SEO, I’d be happy to help. Find out more about my services here.

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