Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our website design services in Dublin.

  • I'm a bit confused about your offer - can you be precise?

    Yes. We offer subscription based web development for small businesses and solo professionals(no upfront payment is required), website packages for medium companies / enterprises and additional website maintenance. The best way to reach us is to contact us or give a call to Igor and we will be glad to help you.

  • Who writes the text/content for the website?

    It's always best if the text for your website is composed by you, the expert. We can write SEO content for you, for additional €150 per page.

  • Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

    Yes. You will have full access to the backend of your new WordPress or static website after creation—make simple text changes, add or remove pictures, or add new items, prices, and links—pretty much anything.

  • I require additional services. Can you accommodate that?

    Yes. We guarantee a 25% discount on additional services such as photo sessions, social media campaigns, and Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Is SEO included in my website build?

    Yes. All packages and monthly development include SEO.

  • What if I currently have a website?

    We will assist you with the switch from your old hosting to ours if you have an existing website. In most cases, we can complete the switch the same day we receive your credentials.

  • How long will the process take?

    A project's duration is determined by the level of functionality and customisations required as well as your communication. If you are self-employed and need a free website, it takes up to 5 days. For a basic WordPress website, it takes 7 days, and for more advanced business websites, up to 21 days may be required.

  • How much will it cost for hosting and the domain?

    The cost of hosting and the domain is approximately €50 - €110 per year. Our web design package includes one year of website hosting. It is important to note that we only host websites that we build for our clients.

  • Are your sites mobile-friendly?

    Absolutely. We always design and develop websites for mobile devices.

  • What platform do you use to build your websites?

    For more advanced projects we use WordPress. We can also create websites on Wix, Shopify, and Weebly. Normally, our websites are hand-coded using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Do you outsource work?

    No. All of our design and development is done in-house.

Supreme Style is a Crumlin based professional hair salon studio for ladies and gents managed by Wayne Ashmore. Website has booking system which is very handy for clients to choose the service, book the appointment and add the date automatically to calendar with notification. It's convenient for the owner as well due to analytical tools and instant notification about the new booking.


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Sauna Experts is an eCommerce shop selling sauna accessories and home or commercial customised saunas. The shop has loads of features for instance - the estimator can help customers choosing timber per meter square. Nearly 75% of the products on the site have customised attributes, allowing customers to precisely choose the product variation and immediately see the price. Website is ranking very well in Google search results (SEO). The website has safe payment providers and account panel for customer.


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First Name is a baby name consulting agency based in Dublin helping parents make the right decision when naming their newborns. Website has a nice feature - a name generator which works extremely well for their target audience.


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Star Kitchen is a furniture maker company based in Drogheda, Ireland. They specialise in creating bespoke kitchen and bedroom designs. This website ranks incredibly well in Google especially in Drogheda brining the RoI of this company to above average. A beautiful portfolio gallery feature gives a great spectrum of their skills.


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Agness Barber Shop is a professional male and kids barber located in Clane, Co. Kildare. This website ranks TOP 1 in local search, in Clane and Kildare area brining more clients and profits. The website has an online booking feature allowing customers to choose the service, book the appointment along with date and time. Analytics tool are also included for the owner to improve productivity and awareness about income / loss in specific month.


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Vizza Pedro is a Kinsale-based (Co. Cork) fast-food restaurant offering a wide variety of tasty burgers, pizza, and pasta. The website has a smart feature allowing visitors to order the food and self-checkout while the order is being printed out at the same time for the chefs improving organisation and food delivery.

take-away-web-design-ireland-galicki-digital-vizza-pedro- kinsale

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Pro Craft Roofing is a Dublin-based roofing builder specialising in repairing commercial and domestic roofs. This is a high-competitive business website with video background improving trust and showing expertise.


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Ace Carpet Cleaners is a Dublin-based carpet cleaning company owned by Brian O'Shea. This project has a pretty nice feature in Gallery where customer can compare the before and after Brian's work in real time.


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English Consulting Engineers is a London-based professionals providing a wide range of civil/structural design and structure services to customers. A very eye-catching slider with plenty of informations makes this website unique and high-performing.


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Olivia Naughton is a qualified therapist and counsellor based in Dublin. The website has WhatsApp plugin allowing customers connect to Olivia and ask about the appointment. Google map is installed as well.


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Walk Dublin was established in 2017 by Ruth Kelly to give bespoke walking tours of Dublin where you can learn about the history, culture and architecture of the city. The website has a unique design, Ireland's historic illustrations and booking system allowing visitors book a custom bespoke tour with Ruth.


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Virtual Bingo is a charity project owned by John Hughes and Mark O’Toole who are the hosts and owners of this great idea. Virtual Bingo was born out of the Covid19 Pandemic and the main goal is to raise money while playing bingo for other charities every Tuesday on Facebook Live. Visitors can book the ticket on the website and there is a special counter giving an idea how much time left for the next show.


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Yelverton French Polishing is a single business owned by Martin Yelverton – a professional French polisher based in Dublin who restores wooden furniture and stairs transforming them to their original pristine condition. That was my first real project. The website main feature is a gallery portfolio where visitor can browse the recent Martin's work.

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