What Makes a Website Effective?

What Makes a Website Effective? - 5 Features
A proper design strategy might be the answer on what makes a website effective

Having a business website is as fundamental today as having a phone number and an email address. A business without a website is like a shop without a name over the door and an empty window display.

We hope that this article will help you understand what makes a website effective. Like it or not you have to have an online presence, but a bad website can be worse than useless if it makes a terrible impression. So how do you make sure that your virtual window to the world is as effective as you are in your business?

Luckily, the elements of good website design are well established so that with just a little thought, and the proper know-how, your site can rival the professionalism of the biggest and best in the business.

5 Features Making Your Website Effective – Table of Contents

What makes a good website?

So what makes a website effective? In this article you will find the 5 most important feature elements that makes website more functional.

 1. Clean Design – Make Visitors Love Being on Your Website

Your design has to be good. That’s a given and this is where a great designer can make all the difference. While you can get ready-made templates and themes that look passably good, a website design in Dublin will bring your vision to life.

Correct use of space, selection and placement of great images, ease of navigation, and other elements will make your website a place that customers love to visit when they need you instead of being another obstacle to overcome before their problem is solved.

We all know that attention spans are getting shorter every year so a bad look will instantly put a potential client off and send them elsewhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your superior service will shine through regardless.

Your website is the first impression a new visitor has of your business so it has to be outstanding.

After all, who’s going to eat at a new restaurant if there’s trash in the entrance, a dusty old crack in the window, or the front door handle is falling off? The food may be the best in town, but nobody will ever dare to find out!

2. Visibility makes website effective

But what makes a website effective from Google?

By visibility, we mean how easily your site can be found on the web, or to put it another way, how high it comes in the search engine rankings, particularly Google – learn more here.

You may have the most mind-blowing-gorgeous website in the world, but if no one can find it, you still won’t make sales or gain followers. To earn these rankings is a combination of SEO technique and a consistent output of high-quality content.

There are plenty of off the shelf packages within platforms such as WordPress that can help you with this if you are starting out. A good designer will make sure that the elements of effective onsite SEO will be built into your site from day one so that every page, every image, every header, and every link is making your site more attractive to the Google algorithm. 

Your website will need to include some or all of these elements for good, basic on-page SEO:

⦁ high ranking and relevant keywords
⦁ great images using captions and alt text
⦁ title and header tags
⦁ meta descriptions
⦁ compelling headlines
⦁ internal page links

If it has all of these, your next task is to generate excellent off-page SEO by linking to other websites and having them link back to you. You also need to set about creating compelling content and maintaining a consistent output of high-value material.

3. Fast Load Times Is What Makes A Website Effective 

Slow load time is the absolute kiss of death for an otherwise great website.

You’ve got the clean design, the terrific on and off-page SEO for high visibility, but your website takes forever to load. You can forget about all the terrific work you’ve done until this is fixed.

To be brutally honest, with a slow load time, your website will never rank highly with Google or any other search engine. They hate slow load times just as much as everybody else does!

Knowing what makes a good website including design and SEM knowledge will keep your website on the peak. While a DIY websites can look fine on the surface, very often their downfall is an excess of poorly formatted large images, too many widgets running in the background or other ‘under-the-hood’ issues. In cases like this, an audit from a design or SEO professional can bring some very quick wins to a website in a short amount of time.

4. Clear Layout Makes A Good Website

Clear layout and clean design are related, but they aren’t exactly the same thing. The visual appeal of a website can be excellent, but when you go to navigate your way around it to find what you need, the layout reveals itself to be less than optimal.

Menus and other on-page elements need to be uncluttered, positioned in a clear intuitive manner, allowing for ease of use without distracting from the content on the page.

Pre-made themes can look amazing in the preview, but once you begin to add content and functionality things can quickly become confusing. ‘Keep it simple’ is a great rule when planning the layout of a website.

5. A Great Copy Is What Makes A Website Effective Too 

Don’t forget, if you want to keep visitors on your page the content has to be consistently amazing as well. Good design and SEO will get traffic to your page, but it’s the content and copy that will keep them there and turn them into subscribers, customers and paying clients in the end.

Use high-value keywords, compelling headlines, riveting or deeply informational text and always offer value to your visitors. Your website should be more than just a description of what you do and some contact details. If you are trying to build a following of potential clients you need to make your content the best there is in its niche on the entire web.

If you are trying to make direct sales, your copy needs to draw your visitors in from the headline all the way down to the call to action at the very end.

Did Someone Say ‘Call-to-action’?

Still unsure what makes a website effective? Whether you are looking for people to subscribe to your amazing content or to buy your unique product or service, you need to let them know that they can do these things. Don’t hide it! Just like the gift shop in the museum that comes at the end of your visit, your CTA (call-to-action) needs to let them know that if they want more of the same fantastic information or if they need help solving their problem, then this is the action they need to take.

Speaking of which, are you struggling to build your own website, get traffic, or rank in the search engines? I’ve been helping people just like you build Google friendly, lead-generating websites since 2019 – you can read more about me here. If you would like to know more, then get in contact with me right here and together we can take your online presence to the next level.

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