Have Website Idea – What Are The Next Important Steps?

You’ve got a your website idea. Now what? What are the next, important steps to creating a business website, affordable as possible and effective?

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a website, but not known what to do next? Or have you started building your own website, only to find it’s more challenging than you expected? If so, this blog post will be very helpful. Websites are an essential part of any business. They give your potential customers information about who you are and what you offer. They also make it easy for them to contact you and purchase your products or services. Even if you don’t yet have all the skills required to build a website from scratch, there are some simple steps that will help get you started on the right track.

We split out this article on 3 parts / steps believing that this is the most productive way of going forward with your website idea

Step:1 – Planning and validation 

Before you even start thinking about your website real-version, you need to make sure your website idea is a good one. In other words, you need to do some planning and validation. Planning means assessing the potential of your website idea and finding out if there is likely to be enough demand for your product or service.

You can do this by researching your market, looking at competitors, and asking people what they would like to see in your industry. If you have Facebook business page or Instagram – ask your customers about your products or services by creating a poll (for at least 14 days). Validation is about testing your idea to find out if there is enough interest in your product or service – this might work differentely if you have already established business on social media. The key is you don’t want to spend a lot of time, energy, and money building a website that no one is interested in.

You can validate your website idea in a number of ways, such as:

  • Create a landing page to promote your business and product/service – This helps you to test the appeal of your product or service, as well as its pricing and marketing. A landing page can be as simple as a single page on your website with a call-to-action button. Make sure that the message you’re sending is clear and relevant.
  • Create a poll or survey – A poll or survey allows you to collect data about your industry and the people who use your services. You can use an online survey tool, like SurveyMonkey, or Google Forms to gather data quickly and easily.

What else would you need once you got your website idea?

Spy Your Competitors And Get Inspired

Spy on your potential competitors. Yes, even if you think that your last step would be involved into spying, a good, researched website idea is a key to thrive in digital marketing. Look at what content is on their website, what sales messages they’re using, and what images they’re using. You’ll notice that every website has its own unique characteristics, which are a combination of its owner’s personality, the business model, and the target customers. All of this is completely different from site-to-site. You can see all this by researching for 1 hour in your competitor’s website. What are the main challenges your competitors are addressing? What are the main benefits that they are promoting? What product categories and subcategories are they in? What sales strategies are they using? By gathering this invaluable and relevant information, you can get an idea of what your competitors are doing and why. This will help you to get inspired and understand what you should do with your website.

Do Some SEO (Or Hire A Specialist)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way you make your website appealing to search engines like Google and Bing. These are the “spiders” that crawl the internet and rank websites according to their popularity. SEO is a very important factor for the success of your business. That’s why you should hire an SEO specialist to optimize your website. There are some SEO tips that you should follow for getting ranked on top of the list. First, you must choose a keyword that has high competition but low volume.

Feel free to learn more about search engine optimisation, by browsing our SEM knowledge.

Define your website audience

If you don’t what what is your website audience, then you would need to know what their demographics are, what their needs and goals are, and what their online behaviours are so you can effectively communicate with them. This is crucial because every word, phrase, and image on your website should appeal to your target audience (your potential buyer). If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave and never return – it doesn’t matter if your website idea is good or perfect. That’s why it’s so important to define your website audience and to make sure everything on your website appeals to them.

Gather Your Resources Including Photos And Content

You must find images that illustrate your products and services. The best recommendation is to always use your own photos of yourself, your own team, office building or your products. If this is not possible, use stock images from Adobe Stock (paid) or Pexels (free). These images are crucial because they break up text and make your site more enjoyable to visit. You should also gather your “fun facts” like customer testimonials, tips, and advice. These are the little extras that make your site more interactive and engaging.

At Galicki Digital we always sketch first the concept of website idea steps – it gives much more freedom and saves loads of time.

Step:2 – The Website Idea Itself

Now that you’ve set up your website idea, it’s time to start filling it with useful content and layout. Every page on your website should have a specific purpose, and that purpose should always be connected to your business goals. Your goal is to get your potential customers interested in your products and services. You do this by creating helpful and relevant content that meets their needs and solves their problems. This is an ongoing process that you should always keep in mind when you’re creating new pages and editing old ones.

Few additional advices:

  • Make sure to include a CTA (call to action) button on every page on your website.
  • Stick with 1 font type, use different weights for example 300 for body and 900 for headings.
  • Use WordPress CMS
  • Keep in mind that you website should be created for mobiles
  • Your content should describe your website structure, each page split it on 3 sections: head, middle, footer, like on the image below

Secure Your Domain Name

Before you even begin to build your website, you’ll want to make sure you have the right domain name. This is the name that people will type into their browser to find your site. You can’t afford to choose a domain name casually, because you’ll likely keep it for many years. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll have to pay to get it changed and that will cost you some money. There are many domain name websites where you can find a domain name that fits your business. The important thing is to be sure that it’s available before you buy it.

What Irish domain providers we can recommend? Try id.ie or blacknight.ie

Get A Stable And Reliable Hosting

A hosting service allows people to view the information on your website online. Without it, people would have a hard time getting to your site because the address wouldn’t be recognized by their browser. Before you launch your website, you’ll want to make sure you have reliable hosting for your site. This is the place where your website files are stored so people can view them. There are many hosting providers (which one we recommend you can find here) so it can be a good idea to compare prices and features before you make a decision.

Hire A Web Designer To Fullfill Your Website Idea

If you’re not a designer or able to do your responsive website design all by yourself, you should hire a web designer who can help you create a site that meets your expectations. The designer is the person who will make all your website ideas come to life. You’ll want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want your website to look like and what functions you want it to have. You should also be realistic about your budget. Although you may want the best design in the world, you don’t want to break the bank and put your business in debt.

Step:3 – Launch & Measure 

Once you’ve done all the above, you can finally turn your idea to a new website. This may feel like the most terrifying step in the whole process, because now all your hard work is put out there for everyone to see. But don’t worry, because you can keep it simple, and you should. If you’ve done everything right so far, most of your work is already done. You’ve identified your target audience, you’ve communicated with them using the right language, and you’ve created an attractive website that meets their needs. So now it’s time to see if your target audience is actually interested in what you have to offer, and how they respond. It’s time to measure the results and improve it if necessary.

Setup The Basic Analytical & Webmaster Tools

You’ll want to set up basic analytical and webmaster tools to understand your visitors and what they do on your site. This is a great way to start understanding your audience and improving your site. You’ll want to implement Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These are both free tools provided by Google to help you understand your website and how people use it.

Google Analytics is used to track your website traffic and provides insights into how people are finding and interacting with your site. It allows you to track things such as: How many people are visiting your website, what pages they are visiting, what countries they are coming from, how long they stay on your site, and what devices they are using (mobile vs. desktop). Google Search Console is used to track how your website is performing in Google search results. It allows you to see how your website is listed, what people are searching for, and how many people are clicking on your website from the search results. It also allows you to see how many people are clicking through from your website to the search results, so you can make sure you are not over-optimizing your site and don’t have duplicate content. There are many other tools that you can use to track your website traffic and performance, but these are some of the most basic and common tools used by most websites.

Monitor Your Site

Once someone has found your website idea live, the next critical step is to monitor your site to make sure it’s running smoothly and that potential customers can find it. If your site goes down or if people can’t find it, you are losing money. Use a monitoring tool like Pingdom or UptimeRobot to test your site and make sure that everything is running properly. You can also use a search monitoring tool like Ahrefs to make sure that your website is showing up on search engines. These tools allow you to enter your website URL and then track the performance of your website in terms of how many people are clicking on your website from search engines (and which search terms are bringing people to your site).

Perform General Maintenance Tasks

You should also perform some general maintenance tasks on a regular basis to keep your website healthy and running smoothly. You should update your website with new content on a consistent basis (ideally every 2 to 4 weeks depending on your industry). And you should also update any plugins or applications that are installed on your website (every 1 to 2 months). These tasks aren’t glamorous, but they are critical to keeping your site healthy and reliable.


We think that “I have a website idea, where do I start?” question can be marked as answered now. We have provided an overview of the most important steps to building your website. These include setting up the basic analytical and webmaster tools, monitoring your site to make sure it’s running smoothly, and performing general maintenance tasks to keep your site healthy and running smoothly. If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to creating a successful business website and your website idea will become a reality.

What Makes a Website Effective?

Having a business website is as fundamental today as having a phone number and an email address. A business without a website is like a shop without a name over the door and an empty window display.

We hope that this article will help you understand what makes a website effective. Like it or not you have to have an online presence, but a bad website can be worse than useless if it makes a terrible impression. So how do you make sure that your virtual window to the world is as effective as you are in your business?

Luckily, the elements of good website design are well established so that with just a little thought, and the proper know-how, your site can rival the professionalism of the biggest and best in the business.

5 Features Making Your Website Effective – Table of Contents

[lwptoc smoothScrollOffset=”75″ float=”none” colorScheme=”white” backgroundColor=”#f2f2f2″ borderColor=”#f44336″ titleColor=”#f44336″ linkColor=”#f44336″ hoverLinkColor=”#ff9800″ visitedLinkColor=”#ff9800″]

What makes a good website?

So what makes a website effective? In this article you will find the 5 most important feature elements that makes website more functional.

 1. Clean Design – Make Visitors Love Being on Your Website

Your design has to be good. That’s a given and this is where a great designer can make all the difference. While you can get ready-made templates and themes that look passably good, a website design in Dublin will bring your vision to life.

Correct use of space, selection and placement of great images, ease of navigation, and other elements will make your website a place that customers love to visit when they need you instead of being another obstacle to overcome before their problem is solved.

We all know that attention spans are getting shorter every year so a bad look will instantly put a potential client off and send them elsewhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your superior service will shine through regardless.

Your website is the first impression a new visitor has of your business so it has to be outstanding.

After all, who’s going to eat at a new restaurant if there’s trash in the entrance, a dusty old crack in the window, or the front door handle is falling off? The food may be the best in town, but nobody will ever dare to find out!

2. Visibility makes website effective

But what makes a website effective from Google?

By visibility, we mean how easily your site can be found on the web, or to put it another way, how high it comes in the search engine rankings, particularly Google – learn more here.

You may have the most mind-blowing-gorgeous website in the world, but if no one can find it, you still won’t make sales or gain followers. To earn these rankings is a combination of SEO technique and a consistent output of high-quality content.

There are plenty of off the shelf packages within platforms such as WordPress that can help you with this if you are starting out. A good designer will make sure that the elements of effective onsite SEO will be built into your site from day one so that every page, every image, every header, and every link is making your site more attractive to the Google algorithm. 

Your website will need to include some or all of these elements for good, basic on-page SEO:

⦁ high ranking and relevant keywords
⦁ great images using captions and alt text
⦁ title and header tags
⦁ meta descriptions
⦁ compelling headlines
⦁ internal page links

If it has all of these, your next task is to generate excellent off-page SEO by linking to other websites and having them link back to you. You also need to set about creating compelling content and maintaining a consistent output of high-value material.

3. Fast Load Times Is What Makes A Website Effective 

Slow load time is the absolute kiss of death for an otherwise great website.

You’ve got the clean design, the terrific on and off-page SEO for high visibility, but your website takes forever to load. You can forget about all the terrific work you’ve done until this is fixed.

To be brutally honest, with a slow load time, your website will never rank highly with Google or any other search engine. They hate slow load times just as much as everybody else does!

Knowing what makes a good website including design and SEM knowledge will keep your website on the peak. While a DIY websites can look fine on the surface, very often their downfall is an excess of poorly formatted large images, too many widgets running in the background or other ‘under-the-hood’ issues. In cases like this, an audit from a design or SEO professional can bring some very quick wins to a website in a short amount of time.

4. Clear Layout Makes A Good Website

Clear layout and clean design are related, but they aren’t exactly the same thing. The visual appeal of a website can be excellent, but when you go to navigate your way around it to find what you need, the layout reveals itself to be less than optimal.

Menus and other on-page elements need to be uncluttered, positioned in a clear intuitive manner, allowing for ease of use without distracting from the content on the page.

Pre-made themes can look amazing in the preview, but once you begin to add content and functionality things can quickly become confusing. ‘Keep it simple’ is a great rule when planning the layout of a website.

5. A Great Copy Is What Makes A Website Effective Too 

Don’t forget, if you want to keep visitors on your page the content has to be consistently amazing as well. Good design and SEO will get traffic to your page, but it’s the content and copy that will keep them there and turn them into subscribers, customers and paying clients in the end.

Use high-value keywords, compelling headlines, riveting or deeply informational text and always offer value to your visitors. Your website should be more than just a description of what you do and some contact details. If you are trying to build a following of potential clients you need to make your content the best there is in its niche on the entire web.

If you are trying to make direct sales, your copy needs to draw your visitors in from the headline all the way down to the call to action at the very end.

Did Someone Say ‘Call-to-action’?

Still unsure what makes a website effective? Whether you are looking for people to subscribe to your amazing content or to buy your unique product or service, you need to let them know that they can do these things. Don’t hide it! Just like the gift shop in the museum that comes at the end of your visit, your CTA (call-to-action) needs to let them know that if they want more of the same fantastic information or if they need help solving their problem, then this is the action they need to take.

Speaking of which, are you struggling to build your own website, get traffic, or rank in the search engines? I’ve been helping people just like you build Google friendly, lead-generating websites since 2019 – you can read more about me here. If you would like to know more, then get in contact with me right here and together we can take your online presence to the next level.

When A Website Reskin Is Required For Your Website

Website reskin is a service for those who want to change their website design and layout without knowing anything about coding. Learn more now!

The internet and online world moves fast. Before you know it, the beautiful, sleek, modern website you commissioned is beginning to show its age in ways that you can’t quite put your finger on, all you know is that your competitor websites all have a pop and zing to them that yours is lacking and it is in the back of your mind every day to do something about it.

However, the thought of getting a new website or dealing with a complete overhaul of your current one is as about as fun as deciding to switch your bank account with all its direct debits, saving’s accounts and inflows, to a new one; you just keep on putting it off and the problem only continues to get worse.

While migrating to a new website might turn out to be quite involved, there is a way around this problem that involves less time, effort and expense and it is commonly referred to by the tech savvy as a ‘website reskin’.

reskinning website cons and pros_adobespark-min
Good reskinned website can boost your sales and add a bit of fresh air

What Are The Differences Between a Website Reskin And A Website Redesign?

Although it may sound like the same thing, to reskin a website and to redesign one are two quite distinct options with different goals in mind.

To illustrate, let’s look at two different scenarios.

Scenario 1

Imagine for example, that you are a restaurant owner and you have recently carried out a renovation and made some significant menu changes. You have decided that your website needs to look a more fresh and contemporary look to reflect these changes, but basically you will still be offering great food and excellent service at a competitive price. Essentially, your website will be doing the same thing as it did before; it will showcase your restaurant as an inviting location, with a contemporary dining experience and enable your customers to make a reservation online.

This is a clear case of needing a website reskin. You can always hire a web developer so he can decide whether you need a solid responsive website design and implement a valid strategy.

Scenario 2

You are the owner of an insurance brokerage and have been in business for several decades. Your website showcases your deep experience and reliability in the field of insurance products and shows how to get in contact with you by phone, email or via social media.

More and more you hear your clients request that they be able to compare insurance packages online and to sign up for insurance premiums through your website without having to make a visit to your office or make a lengthy phone call.

You decide that you would like to turn your website from an informational resource into a platform that empowers your customers to make informed decisions about their insurance policies and then sign up for various packages without you having to interact with them at length on the phone or in person in your office.

This will require vastly new functionality to be integrated into your online presence and will require a major overhaul of your website. This will fall squarely into the category of a website redesign or will even involve replacing your old website entirely.


Reskin Or Redsign – Which Do I Need?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is going to be the former. In the present day, virtually every business not only has a perfectly functional website in place, but is already onto the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 10th version of their original 2D, non-interactive website from the late 90s.

In the past, as the web developed, there were often excellent reasons for substantial upgrades and changes to company websites, as the capabilities of the internet to deliver interactive content evolved by leaps and bounds, but today, it is highly likely that your website simply needs a fresh new look with improvement to some key metrics that will make your customers and clients have a better overall experience as they interact with your business online.

As you can see above, my client Ruth Kelly got completely re-designed website in order to boost her ranking in Google this would be not possible with re-skinning due to poorly optimized website’s user experience.

The 5 Signals That Let You Know It’s Time For A Website Reskin

Other than a vague feeling of unease, what are the five main reasons you
know it is time for a reskin?

Let’s take a look.

Signal #1 – Your Conversion Rates Are Down

‏Or to put it another way, sales, bookings, calls or whatever your conversion criteria are, have tanked. Your metrics are showing you that conversions are in decline despite your offerings and products being competitive with your peers on price and quality.
‏So what gives?

‏One major cause of this can be if your website has begun to load slowly of late. If you have time to check your email, or your Facebook page for updates while your website loads, then you are in trouble, and conversion rates will sink through the basement floor.

‏Luckily, this isn’t as difficult to solve as it appears. It may be, for example, that your website has become top-heavy with behind the scenes widgets that are never used and a skilled developer can lighten the load without changing the appearance and without any requirement to rebuild the pages from scratch.

Signal #2 – Traffic To Your Website Is Down

‏Even if you have a brick and mortar business and footfall is still good, a drop in website traffic can be a canary in the gold-mine signal that things are not all well. Less traffic online will ultimately lead to less business and you may even be feeling the effects already. You will need to improve your site rankings in search engine search results, most importantly via Google, and a website reskin can help you to achieve this.

‏The cause of the drop may be something as mundane as your website looking dated and old-fashioned. As superficial as it may seem, no matter what business you are in, an old-school website can be incredibly off-putting and is a surprisingly easy problem to solve in the hands of the right designer.

‏Like all of the issues described here, this will not require a ground-up redesign with the risk of data loss and your business going off-line for substantial and nerve-racking amounts of time. A fresh new look can be easily achieved and can make a surprising difference in the amount of visits your website will receive.

Signal #3 – Bounce Rate

‏Users are abandoning your website before making a purchase or they are leaving after only the briefest of visits without so much as taking the time to browse the site or interact with any of your content.

‏This is a giant red flag that your online presence is in urgent need of a reskinning a website and as a business owner, this is not something you can afford to sit on.

‏The goal is for your bounce rate to be as low as possible and while this sounds like a technical challenge, it will involve look-and-feel as much as any behind the scenes optimization. A clean, crisp, modern design can go a long way towards solving this problem, together with other technical optimizations to make sure your site is responsive and easy to use.

Signal #4 – Did Someone Say ‘Responsive’?

‏If your pages are loading with the speed of the grass growing in your back garden, or more accurately, if they are even slightly slower than the average, then no matter how beautiful and crafted your website is, the truth is that you can most likely say goodbye to that potential new client or even receive some push-back from your existing ones.

‏And it’s not only about the speed of your pages on a computer either. In today’s world a large proportion, even the majority for some services, will be carried out on a mobile phone. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then you are excluding yourself from this increasing percentage of your target audience.

‏Your site may look fine and load fine on a desktop or laptop, but if it’s a mess on a smartphone or tablet, you will need someone to take care of this for you. While it sounds very technically involved, the truth is that a skilled professional can take care of this quite easily without any impact on your data or day-to-day operations.

‏Search engines, and in particular Google, take this aspect of your online presence into account, so if you haven’t already taken care of this then a proper reskinning website may be in order.

Signal #5 – Your Competitors Are Ranking Above You

‏If your competitors are consistently ranking higher than you in the search results, you have a problem. Even worse, if you find that you are not on the first page of results at all, then the truth is that you may as well have no website at all.
‏If this is the case then you need to find out as a matter of priority why this is happening and adjust the on-site optimization of your site accordingly (SEO can do this). As with the other key signals above, this does not require any new functionality to be added to your website, but certainly some specific changes to your sites visibility to search engines will be required and this again falls into the category of a website reskin.

reskin website or redesign website which do i need_adobespark-min

How Do I Get It Done?

Fear not, help is at hand. If you have ticked all of the above boxes, or even some of them, then you need to reach out to someone who can take care of this for you with the minimum of interruption to your business and in the most cost effective way possible.

A full reskin with the potential to transform your business will cost a fraction of redesigning from the ground up or of migrating your sensitive customer and company data to a new platform. A competent and skilled professional with the right experience can carry out a highly effective reskin with a minimum of disruption and at a cost that will quickly be recouped in new and repeat business.

If you have any questions about the process of a website reskin or think your business may need one, feel free to reach out to us here and we will be happy to guide you through the process. Our mission is to help your business achieve success by doing for you what we do best.

Why Wix Might Be a Bad Choice For Your Website?

Why Wix website builder can harm your business website? Discover 5 good reasons to stop using Wix for yourself and your clients. Looking for an alternatives? here you are-  Best 5 Website Builders For Dummies in 2021

What Are The Elements Of Site Design?

Discover site design elements that will improve your business presence and increase sales. Don’t believe me? Okay. Let’s find out!

Every firm in the twenty-first century is nearly required to have a digital presence. An official website is one of these methods for obtaining an online identity. A company’s or organisation’s website serves as its public face. Also, a  well-designed website has a significant impact on a company’s online marketing and ability to reach out to potential clients all over the world.

I’ve set up websites for various self-employed, charities and companies, ranging from small businesses to big e-commerce shops. I’ve discovered that most business owners who wind up making a website are unaware of the importance of having a website for their company.

Depending on the quality of your website, a business or organisation’s website might have a positive or negative impact on your business. In recent years, a high percentage of potential clients have conducted online research on companies before deciding to deal with them. It may be challenging for potential clients to consider you if you don’t have a strong web presence, much alone a good website.

I’m not going to get into why you should have a business website in this post; instead, I will look at the essential site design elements that will help you increase your website exposure to attract, convince, and convert potential clients. If you feel that a good website may boost your business while a terrible site design can damage it, then this post is for you. In short, you are not yet in business if your website is not set up for success or if you do not have one.

You must understand the various essential parts of site design when planning your website with your website developer. Content creation, website page layout, and overall graphics design are examples of these elements.

visual apperance site design layout

Visual appearance and site design layout:

The site layout and visual appearance are at the top of my list of fundamental aspects to consider for your company site design. I’m using these combined terms to cover a lot of your site’s reactions. They say that first impressions last longer. This adage also applies to responsive web design. It’s crucial to make an excellent first impression! You should pay particular attention to this if you want your visitor to consider reading the information on your landing page.

On average, it takes a person 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not to stay on a page. This means that your design should be basic, intuitive, familiar, and easy to use. Nobody likes a clogged-up website. Use a lot of whitespaces to give your website’s content some breathing room.

navigation key element of website design compass


Navigation is one of the most important factor when we are talking about site design elements. As much as you may be thinking of being creative, I advise you to avoid overloading your website with complex hover effects and animations. Navigations are designed to make information on the site more accessible. When I develop a website for a client, I make sure the essential navigations are prioritised in the site header. A call-to-action button with page interlink is implemented within the body. On your footer, don’t forget to include navigation to the inner site’s information.

Make sure your navigation links to the homepage, about us, our services, blogs/news, and contact us all fall on the main header navigation bar.  These are the most important pages for potential clients to see. You can place navigations in the body of a site based on your content arrangement, which I’ll discuss later in this post. These enhance the ability of your website to communicate with users. As I previously stated, animations and effects only contribute 5% to the overall engagement.

Last but not least, you don’t want to overlook the footer, do you? Put inner pages of your site and other items in your footer that you think the visitor might be interested in checking out. This makes it easier for users to find content without having to scroll all over the site. If a reader has stayed with you long enough to reach the bottom of your homepage or landing page, they’ll want to go somewhere else or do something else. In the footer, you can include links such as “about us,” “contact us,” “address,” and even a sign-up form for an email newsletter.

webpage key elements colours

Images and colour

The colour and graphics of the website are next on my list. This is quite crucial. Instead of focusing on animations, use a suitable colour scheme and graphics to boost your website interactions. It would be best if you considered your business or brand’s opinions and the demographics of your target audience. A sound colour palette gives your visitors a sense of what they may anticipate from your business. To be honest once you ignore this site design element it will reflects poorly on your business presence. You tend to deliver a more convincing and engaging tone to your visitor to stay on your website if you use colour and images properly.

website design aspects typography

Typography and content:

Your effort to improve your website is similar to that of an interior designer, who will paint a house and arrange and set the interiors. Now that you’ve nailed down your colour scheme and layout, it’s time to fill in the gaps with information. Is your brand trustworthy? Your site visitors and potential clients want information immediately. Are you Experienced? Are you capable of supplying high-quality goods and services? Given people’s limited attention span and lightning-fast initial impressions, it’s vital to communicate appropriately. The information should be simple to read and understand.

Sift through each phrase: Do you truly require it? Extra words can get in the way and dull your brand’s main selling qualities; therefore, efficiency is vital. To arrange sections and immediately let your viewers know what information you’re giving, use headings and display text. Break up extensive lists into sorted or unordered lists instead of using long, rambling sentences. Just keep it brief and sweet!

responsiveness best site design element alex nemo unsplash

Responsiveness – Best site design element?

So, if you’ll excuse me, I always save the best for last. The responsiveness of your website is the last item on our list. It is pretty significant. A responsive site design element helps your site adapts to various screen sizes. 

The number of users accessing webpages from mobile phones surpassed desktop to access a few years ago, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Google launched a mobile-first index to rank websites as a result of this development. You think Search Engine Optimisation, right? You are correct. A mobile-friendly website is no longer an aesthetic or trendy feature; it is now a need.

Apart from the fact that visitors will have an easier time accessing your site from their mobile phone, it will considerably improve your Google rating. Improved visibility comes with a high Google Search ranking. More prospective clients and conversions are directly proportional to increased visibility.


Finally, now that you have a basic understanding of the pieces required to build a website, it is time to employ a freelance web developer based in Dublin to assist you in the design process. If you want learn on your own – browse our web design tips.

When looking for a developer, make sure to re-evaluate these aspects as essential job requirements. All of the things in this article should be implemented, in my opinion. If you put them into practice, your company will be ready to advance to the next level.


Best 5 Website Builders For Dummies in 2021

What are the best 5 website builders for dummies in 2021? Here’s the perfect ultimate guide for your business to meet your requirements!

Creating a website has always been a challenge for people without programming knowledge. Not only is it time-consuming, but the fact that you need to learn various programming languages puts off a lot of users. Thankfully, there are numerous website builders that remove that hassle for you. But since there are so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out which website builder is the right option for you. Here are some tips and tricks on what option is ideal for you!

wordpress best website creator

WordPress Website Creator

If you want to work with the best website builder, then WordPress is by far the best option on the market. More than 40% of the websites you can find online are powered by WordPress, so this is definitely the major option to consider. You can use the WordPress.com version, but that can be limited. Most people use WordPress.org and install it on their website. It’s a lot better since you get complete control, and you can fully customize everything.

Self-hosting is great for WordPress users, and it can deliver great results. What we like about WordPress is the fact that you can install it directly from the hosting service most of the time. You can also choose any theme you want from thousands upon thousands of paid or free themes. And if you want to expand the WordPress capabilities, you can do that with all kinds of different plugins. The fact that you are getting so much value and versatility is what really makes WordPress one of the top solutions on the market.

Not only that, but WordPress also has drag and drop WordPress page builders. Divi, Beaver Builder would be a prime example of that. With WordPress, you have all the customization you would need, and results are second to none. That’s the thing that makes it incredible to begin with, and the fact that you can expand and fully customize the website as you see fit is definitely a major selling point. You can install and use WordPress free of charge, and the best part is that you are always free to modify and adapt it the way you want. 

wix website builder is it worth it

Is Wix worth paying for?

Wix is a popular website creator and it has a fully hosted platform. You don’t have to pay for hosting, and you have hundreds of templates that you can edit the way you want. These are split over different categories, depending on your needs and requirements. While there’s a plan with limited storage and bandwidth, you do need to pay for the WordPress service. Also, you need to purchase a domain name, and you can get a free SSL with all plans, but you have to turn that on manually. 

The downside for Wix as a website builder is that you need to upgrade to certain packages to remove ads for your website. Another problem is that Wix has its own coding system, so moving your website away from Wix can be challenging. That means you are fully committed to the platform, which isn’t really ideal. Depending on the plan, it can also get quite expensive.

Weebly - A Drag and Drop Builder

Weebly – A Drag and Drop Builder

If you want a simple and efficient website builder, then this might work for you. The interface they use is pretty good, and you can use a variety of designs you can then customize to your needs. There’s e-commerce support, and you can add galleries, contact forms, sliders and all kinds of other goodies, which is always a good idea to have. 

However, Weebly will charge 3% for every transaction you make via your ecommerce store, which can add up quite a bit. If you upgrade to the business plan, that costs $25 per month, and you will have to pay that regardless of what sales you generate through it. Since this is a fully hosted platform like Wix, you are locked to what they are offering and moving from it is very hard to impossible.

Shopify - the best e-Commerce Website Builder

Shopify – the best e-Commerce Website Builder?

Shopify is great if you want to create your own e-commerce website. It’s used by thousands of businesses for a reason, because you have a really good interface, backups and a simple way to manage your store. On top of add, adding products, managing sales and processing payments is a breeze, and that’s what makes Shopify special to begin with. Not only that, but this also comes with inventory management, as well as marketing tools, stat tracking, unlimited products and so on. 

It’s important to note that Shopify is not free, it can be very expensive in the long run, and again, moving from it is very difficult to impossible. Most of these platforms outside of WordPress will end up charging you monthly fees and you can’t really move away from them. That alone is a problem, especially if your business grows in the future.

zyro website creator free

Zyro – An another Website Builder?

A lot of people use Zyro because it’s simple and it comes with free hosting. On top of that, it has AI tools and a logo maker, not to mention it also has great templates. They even have access to 1 million images free of charge, which is always great to have. If you want to use it for e-commerce, that’s possible, and Zyro has unlimited products, discount coupons, inventory management and other specific solutions. 

Yet at the same time, while you do have some blogging features, those are limited. There’s no free domain, and third party integrations like those you can find for WordPress are not available. Switching templates once you stick to a certain one is close to impossible as well.


As you can see, picking the right website builder comes down to personal preference and the features you need. Usually, WordPress is the best pick since you have control over your website, and you are not locked within a certain ecosystem. We recommend giving WordPress a try since you always have control over what website you create, how you customize its look and what plugins you can use to expand its features.

It can take a bit of getting used to for a beginner (that’s why you can hire me if you are looking for a responsive website design), but WordPress is ideal for pretty much any website, and the fact that it’s free and you just pay for hosting and a domain makes it great for pretty much any purpose!

The 10 Most Annoying Things On Your Website

Discover the 10 most annoying things on your website – ten hated things / features that probably sits on your website. If you have been ever wondering why your website visits decreased then maybe this video will help you find the answer!

Supreme Style is a Crumlin based professional hair salon studio for ladies and gents managed by Wayne Ashmore. Website has booking system which is very handy for clients to choose the service, book the appointment and add the date automatically to calendar with notification. It's convenient for the owner as well due to analytical tools and instant notification about the new booking.


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Sauna Experts is an eCommerce shop selling sauna accessories and home or commercial customised saunas. The shop has loads of features for instance - the estimator can help customers choosing timber per meter square. Nearly 75% of the products on the site have customised attributes, allowing customers to precisely choose the product variation and immediately see the price. Website is ranking very well in Google search results (SEO). The website has safe payment providers and account panel for customer.


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First Name is a baby name consulting agency based in Dublin helping parents make the right decision when naming their newborns. Website has a nice feature - a name generator which works extremely well for their target audience.


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Star Kitchen is a furniture maker company based in Drogheda, Ireland. They specialise in creating bespoke kitchen and bedroom designs. This website ranks incredibly well in Google especially in Drogheda brining the RoI of this company to above average. A beautiful portfolio gallery feature gives a great spectrum of their skills.


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Agness Barber Shop is a professional male and kids barber located in Clane, Co. Kildare. This website ranks TOP 1 in local search, in Clane and Kildare area brining more clients and profits. The website has an online booking feature allowing customers to choose the service, book the appointment along with date and time. Analytics tool are also included for the owner to improve productivity and awareness about income / loss in specific month.


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Vizza Pedro is a Kinsale-based (Co. Cork) fast-food restaurant offering a wide variety of tasty burgers, pizza, and pasta. The website has a smart feature allowing visitors to order the food and self-checkout while the order is being printed out at the same time for the chefs improving organisation and food delivery.

take-away-web-design-ireland-galicki-digital-vizza-pedro- kinsale

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Pro Craft Roofing is a Dublin-based roofing builder specialising in repairing commercial and domestic roofs. This is a high-competitive business website with video background improving trust and showing expertise.


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Ace Carpet Cleaners is a Dublin-based carpet cleaning company owned by Brian O'Shea. This project has a pretty nice feature in Gallery where customer can compare the before and after Brian's work in real time.


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English Consulting Engineers is a London-based professionals providing a wide range of civil/structural design and structure services to customers. A very eye-catching slider with plenty of informations makes this website unique and high-performing.


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Olivia Naughton is a qualified therapist and counsellor based in Dublin. The website has WhatsApp plugin allowing customers connect to Olivia and ask about the appointment. Google map is installed as well.


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Walk Dublin was established in 2017 by Ruth Kelly to give bespoke walking tours of Dublin where you can learn about the history, culture and architecture of the city. The website has a unique design, Ireland's historic illustrations and booking system allowing visitors book a custom bespoke tour with Ruth.


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Virtual Bingo is a charity project owned by John Hughes and Mark O’Toole who are the hosts and owners of this great idea. Virtual Bingo was born out of the Covid19 Pandemic and the main goal is to raise money while playing bingo for other charities every Tuesday on Facebook Live. Visitors can book the ticket on the website and there is a special counter giving an idea how much time left for the next show.


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Yelverton French Polishing is a single business owned by Martin Yelverton – a professional French polisher based in Dublin who restores wooden furniture and stairs transforming them to their original pristine condition. That was my first real project. The website main feature is a gallery portfolio where visitor can browse the recent Martin's work.

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