7 Effective Ways to Use Google Trends For SEO

7 Effective Ways to Use Google Trends For SEO
10:09 pm, Sun, 1 August 21 in Marketing Tips

Using Google Trends for SEO is a great idea, since it can help boost your search results rankings quite a bit. On top of that, you can get the competitive edge that you always wanted, while pushing the boundaries and coming up with some amazing, important solutions. In this article we will cover 7 effective ways to use Google Trends for SEO and we will show you how you can harness their power in order to push your ranking to the next level. On top of that, you can also learn what’s trending, while also identifying some great opportunities from competitors as well.

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Google Trends can help you with keyword research

One of the best ways to use Google Trends is to conduct keyword research. We all know that finding the right keywords is crucial in the online world. The truth is that Google Trends can be a valuable tool for keyword research. All you need is to enter a specific search term in the main search box. This will automatically try to find the most popular keywords on Google. You can also change it to study YouTube as well if you want.

Once this search is completed, you will receive a graph that has the search term popularity for the past year. It’s possible to change the timeframe if you want, which is great. It can also be used to study keyword popularity and see what’s growing in popularity and what keywords are not doing that well in the first place.

It’s also possible to use Google Trends if you want to find related/recommended keywords. This is a great feature since you can find relevant keywords based on your main search term. You can see keywords based on their popularity, and Google Trends will even show the search volume increase for every keyword.

Targeting customers based on location

If you want to find the best keywords for your business, many times you need to focus on your local area. With Google Trends, you get to identify local keyword trends. This is great because the Google Trends for SEO solution shows exactly what regions need your offers. That helps you create a targeted service which in turn will convey much better results than you would expect. It all comes down to doing it right and understanding how it all works. 

Find related topics

How is this an effective way Google Trends SEO solution? The great thing about Google Trends 2021 is that it can also show you broader topics that people are looking for. Aside from what you are already interested in, you can also learn a whole lot of other stuff. This is great for creating new articles and videos, and they will help rank your website even better than before. It’s a novel, great idea and it definitely helps push the boundaries in a clever manner. With this particular feature, you can narrow down on what trends matter, and in the end this can unravel massive potential for your website.

Start using specific search options

One of the 7 effective ways to use Google Trends for SEO is definitely relying on the specific search options. These include related queries and other things that help you identify those new, important keyword ideas. There are 5 options that many Google Trends rarely use, even if they are super efficient and very dependable. These are Web Search, YouTube Search, news Search, Google Shopping and Image Search. The truth is that each click will offer different results, since you focus on different market segments.

How does this help with SEO? These ways to use Google Trends will help you find keywords based on different audiences. Use the Rising Trends in order to find the hottest trends, and this will show you exactly what trends you want to focus on and what’s delivering the utmost experience and the best possible outcome.

Find breakout keywords

If you check Google Trends and you see the term Breakout, what that means is that the search term is becoming increasingly popular right now. In fact, it has increased more than 5000% when it comes to search results and popularity. These terms are not competitive yet, but they are slowly becoming competitive. This is maybe the most effective way Google Trends SEO can be improved in your case. It makes it easier to rank higher in Google without having to deal with lots and lots of backlinks.

Narrowing down great LSI keywords

Longer keywords are usually bringing in better SEO results, so finding those is very important. Thankfully, LSI keywords are easier to find with Google Trends, especially with the Related Topics or Related Queries solution. As you try to search for certain keywords, you can also browse the related LSI ideas and then pick what has a great amount of searches recently. This way you can see what longer keywords are in demand, and then you can start using them in your content.

Narrow down to find very specific information

You can always start searching for a very popular keyword and then select Worldwide to see where the keyword is the most popular. Then you can use time selection for both long and short term importance of that keyword. Filtering by category is also important here, since it can help make the entire experience better and a lot easier to understand. There are many other tools and filters you can use, so even if you start with a big, very general keyword, you can always be very specific and identify what you need.


Using Google Trends for SEO is a great idea, and it can offer you some amazing results. These 7 effective ways to use Google Trends for SEO clearly show that using this tool can push your search engine results to new heights. Granted, it still involves a lot of hard work and commitment, but if you do it right, nothing will be able to stand in your way. All you need is to make the most out of all Google Trends tools, as they can be extremely helpful from an SEO standpoint! Hiring a professional SEO Consultant might save you time and work.

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