5 Benefits of Using WordPress for Irish Business in 2019

Today, we present 5 benefits of using WordPress for Irish Businesses in 2019 – discover why your business should use this awesome tool completely for free.

What is WordPress?

CMS stands for Content Management System and this is what WordPress is. It was launched in 2003 and became one of the largest used tools in building very serious, professional websites. And here, I will present 5 advantages of using WordPress for your Irish biz.

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5.Content is the King – and becomes the King of the universe when you can do it for free

When we are talking about websites and online marketing — most of the times we’re speaking about content creation and blogging.

Content is the king and when on your website is being posted new relevant post to your business niche — Google see it and it might rank your website much higher in Google Search.

— Google respect rich, unique content and WordPress is a great tool (for free!) to get it. The authors of WordPress wanted to give average users — a free blogging tool, and they did it because more than half of websites worldwide use now WordPress.

4.Full Control of Managing Your Website

One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is the complete control of managing your website data. The control gives you the ability to change, add or delete content on your website with just a few clicks.

This is one of the biggest benefits of using WordPress for an Irish Business because the control you have — is safe enough to not mess your website completely and for those who aren’t willing to hire a Web Developer at their business stage (for example startups).

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3.The enhanced functionality of your business website with plugins

WordPress plugins can dramatically improve your website even without basic web design experience. That’s why WordPress got so many downloads (link to download WordPress is here).

Plugins are scripts that add more usability to your website for example – event calendar, video gallery, image slider etc.

The best part is that they are made for people who have no web design knowledge and most of the plugin user interface is easy to understand and follow.

2.Search Engines more likely accepts WordPress

WordPress has been built on PHP programming language which is effective and more suitable for server requests if we are talking about hosting and performance speed. The golden era of static HTML sites, we’ve seen in the late 2000s is gone.

Like I said before, the content is the king and with static websites — achieving successful blogging would be possible but only for someone who is a Web Developer or at least know how to edit the code structure — using WordPress you don’t have to worry about link structure, redirections, post content, thumbnails, etc.

Search Engines prefer more (slightly) WordPress because of popular content creators who use WordPress daily.

I’m not saying that other CMS’s like Drupal or Joomla are bad, but they have a much harder learning path (installing plugins, setting permalinks, posting) which WordPress doesn’t. Because of that harder learning path — you might seriously harm your business website.

Static HTML Websites are still “okay” if your business website does not require updating content. — if you don’t want to blog if you have simple business with simple services and there is no much about yourself — go with static HTML Website, however, consider that Google might rank you much slower than your competitors who are using WordPress.

Keep in mind one more thing — finding a web developer who would create from scratch custom CMS like WordPress for your website would cost much more than you would expect it.

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1.Mobile Ready

The first and I would say the biggest benefit of using WordPress for Irish business is mobile-ready. Almost every theme created on WordPress has been built for mobile devices — this is awesome because everyone uses smartphones daily, and your business website should have a mobile-ready design.

The Conclusion

These are 5 benefits of using WordPress for your Irish business. Whether or not you like it, whether or not you think it’s useful — keep in mind that your website should be always built for your customers and this CMS fits perfectly for this role.

Besides — you can always hire a professional marketing consultant who would make a website for your Irish business based on this awesome, lovely CMS called WordPress at Galicki Digital we provide a free digital marketing consultation.

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