3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use WIX Website Builder

Find out why you shouldn’t use WIX website builder for your business. Today I will present 3 TOP Reasons why WIX might harm your website presence.

I’ve met clients asking me to create websites based on WIX because they have seen those exciting WIX ads on youtube. I have decided to write a short article about why you should not use WIX although it seems to be a friendly drag and drop builder.

So if you’d ask me “Igor, WIX seems to be the right for my business presence why I shouldn’t use it?”


Let me give you those 3 secret reasons why WIX isn’t good and then you will decide…

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Reason 3 – Nobody uses Flash technology except…WIX

Most of the WIX websites use Flash. This is an old, discontinued web technology and is a “no-no” in today’s web standard.

Websites builder like WIX which is built on Flash will not display your website properly on phones or tablets. You risk excluding at least 25% – 35% of your potential customers who use mobile devices daily.

Besides — Flash requires a lot of components to load so your website will be not loading fast enough.

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Reason 2 – Once you get WIX — you have to stay on it

Migrating your website to another platform in the future might be a challenge. That’s because unlike the WordPress — your website must remain on the WIX server.

Recently, I’ve posted an article where you find 5 advantages of using WordPress for your business website.

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Reason 1 – WIX is not SEO optimized platform

Google doesn’t like WIX. Your website might not rank well due to the bad HTML / Flash structure which WIX supports. This is very important because it makes harder for people to find your website in Google.

Let’s face it — I couldn’t find any WIX websites on search results on any market while browsing the internet. When I found some websites built on WIX, they were on the 3rd or 5th page on Google search results — pretty bad isn’t it?

The Conclusion

You can find a more detialed article about disadvantages of using WIX here — There’s nothing bad in designing your website without IT experinece (which I respect) but if something is not optimized for todays digital standards (and Google doesn’t like it either), then why we should bother and risking?

Enjoyed? Hmm...

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